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Do you have a high school graduate this year?

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3/14/13 9:24 P


Posts: 1,598
3/14/13 9:23 P

Yes! My youngest daughter!

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Posts: 2,373
3/14/13 8:59 P

yes my nephew

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Posts: 17,476
3/14/13 8:51 P

Yes, my granddaugter

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3/14/13 8:47 P

nope the last one graduated two years ago

Posts: 12,296
3/14/13 8:16 P

1 gaduates this year, 2 graduated last year

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3/14/13 6:59 P

Not this year.

Posts: 5,843
3/14/13 5:41 P

no he's just a sophomore , but I know the yearbooks are 80 now and will probably be closer to 100 when he graduates , we already got him his ring this year he wanted it so bad and he never asks for anything. I know we'll have to get his Senior picture done which will run some money and god I see dollar signs every time I thing of the upcoming Proms (they even have a prom for junior year). I feel for you, I'm dreading it also because he's my only child and well he's not my little baby anymore. Time goes by so fast, I know I'll be crying like a baby that year hahahaha

Posts: 2,910
3/14/13 4:24 P


Posts: 1,809
3/14/13 3:37 P

My baby girl graduates high school this year. Even though this year is her fun year it is my costly year. Whew so glad her or her sister was not a twin. Here are a few things I have to pay for these next few months.

Senior portraits (unknown what cost yet, as we are doing redos)
Cap and gown $50.00
Prom about $150.00
Yearbook $80.00
Senior ditch day money $30.00 made it fear free for me when she gave me the choice of her treating her married sister out for the day while I watched my grandson. verses wanting to go to the beach with all the seniors. $30.00 for no worries and getting to see my grandson is well worth it.
Party after party in her theater 4 class, today she had to take a pie for pi day. about $30.00 for all that
Cast party dinners about $80.00
Grad night she opted out of, but the cast Disneyland trip is 4 days after graduation, 3 day trip $350.00
Whew glad she is my last for this! :) I feel fortunate to be able to do this for her. Some kids get cars for graduation but that won't happen here. There was and will be more expenses, these are all I can think of right now. Anyone else feel my pain?

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