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Do you have a cheat day for food?

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SparkPoints: (45,786)
Fitness Minutes: (33,881)
Posts: 1,833
2/25/13 6:32 A

yes, one day a week but try not to go overboard

Posts: 9,760
2/25/13 6:16 A

yes, occasionally

Posts: 1,275
2/25/13 6:11 A

Once in a while but not too often. I usually eat more for one day only when I am stalled in my weight loss. That seems to get things moving again

Posts: 7,634
2/25/13 6:05 A


SparkPoints: (34,863)
Fitness Minutes: (20,365)
Posts: 3,736
2/25/13 5:31 A


Posts: 466
2/25/13 4:48 A


Posts: 2,109
2/25/13 4:16 A

No. Don't plan cheat days. But when celebrations come up I enjoy the food and watch my portions and it usually turns out okay,

SparkPoints: (246,826)
Fitness Minutes: (277,110)
Posts: 12,300
2/24/13 11:43 P

Yes, Sundays.

Posts: 365
2/19/13 12:11 A

Seems every 5 days or so, unplanned, I eat above my recommended calories. I am having a bugger of a time with the last pound or two. My next goal at maintenance is to get the balance between the protein, fat and carbs. Yikes.

Posts: 5,854
2/18/13 11:47 P


SparkPoints: (91,065)
Fitness Minutes: (80,546)
Posts: 3,012
2/18/13 11:29 P

I don't really have cheat days, but some days I might choose to eat something extra that I wouldn't eat normally .

SparkPoints: (4,215)
Fitness Minutes: (760)
Posts: 99
2/18/13 11:19 P

I don't have the self control for a cheat day.... Yet.

Posts: 865
2/18/13 10:47 P

I may have a cheat meal, but usually on a day I may have had a light breakfast and lunch and when I've been good. If I don't allow myself them once in a while, I become BITTER

Posts: 2,109
2/18/13 10:31 P

Not intentionally.

SparkPoints: (37,079)
Fitness Minutes: (16,584)
Posts: 562
2/18/13 10:23 P

Sort of? We have pizza night on Sunday night, and I always eat my half of the frozen pizza. Sometimes it puts me over my calorie range for the day and sometimes it doesn't. But I eat well the rest of the day so even if I go over I'm still well under 2000.

I did cheat on Valentine's Day. I made as healthy a meal as I could and then ate a whole ton of it. LOL. It was really the sparkling cider that ran the calories up though. :)

SparkPoints: (74,552)
Fitness Minutes: (52,395)
Posts: 3,497
2/18/13 7:55 P

Nope, not for me.

SparkPoints: (64,818)
Fitness Minutes: (46,126)
Posts: 2,806
2/18/13 7:55 P

No, my problem is nite time eating.

SparkPoints: (219,520)
Fitness Minutes: (195,880)
Posts: 6,856
2/18/13 7:50 P


SparkPoints: (28,776)
Fitness Minutes: (10,967)
Posts: 1,778
2/18/13 7:44 P

Yeah everyday since last Christmas.

Posts: 3,831
2/18/13 7:44 P


Posts: 1,263
2/18/13 7:39 P

No. I eat what I want in moderation whenever I want it.
Feeling like I am so restricted that I am cheating doesn't help me.

SparkPoints: (2,352)
Fitness Minutes: (91)
Posts: 71
2/18/13 7:36 P

Not sure yet.

SparkPoints: (7,570)
Fitness Minutes: (2,505)
Posts: 104
2/18/13 7:18 P

I don't really consider it a cheat day, more of like an "easy" day. Sundays are family days and we always go out for breakfast so I'll let myself have a slice or two of real bacon or an extra biscuit maybe.
We usually go to the movies on Sunday so I might have an extra handful of popcorn. Other than that I stay really on track. So I'm just adding a few extra things here and there instead of just going off and having whatever I want for a whole day. Its easy to stay on track the rest of the week and not go off my diet all together.

Posts: 2,299
2/18/13 6:41 P

So far, no. I have been making everything "fit" within my ranges. If i know i want wine or ice cream or a ribeye steak, i eat lighter at breakfast and/or lunch accordingly.

SparkPoints: (32,212)
Fitness Minutes: (25,279)
Posts: 34
2/18/13 3:43 P

No, but if I want something "bad" I will plan my meals for the day and figure out how to eat it and stay within my ranges.

Posts: 1,121
2/18/13 3:24 P


Posts: 10,590
2/18/13 3:22 P

Yes, one day a month

SparkPoints: (114,078)
Fitness Minutes: (112,667)
Posts: 4,603
2/18/13 3:18 P


Posts: 1,061
2/18/13 3:17 P

I'm waiting for my maintaining phase before I'll start thinking about that!

SparkPoints: (27,046)
Fitness Minutes: (15,034)
Posts: 870
2/18/13 2:31 P

Fridays. I call it friday fun day. It really just means I allow myself a couple of glasses of wine. If I have an event or party I turn that into my fun day. Back on track after that.

Posts: 13,638
2/18/13 2:11 P

I used to have one once a week. Now it is once or twice a month. Went out for Valentines Day. Next trip out will be my birthday in two weeks.

(I wish I had your stamina. All I can think is three to four hours at the gym, five to six days a week. You must be training for a marathon or something)

SparkPoints: (102,820)
Fitness Minutes: (80,585)
Posts: 10,737
2/18/13 2:06 P

Not scheduled.

Posts: 4,848
2/18/13 2:04 P

Yes, but not every week. I tried that, but every week meant no as much progress. For me the best results come from 1-2 cheat days per month. And I still weigh and track everything, and keep it under 2500 calories maximum. The carb loading helps get rid of the weightloss bloat so I almost always get a lower number on the scale a few days later.

Posts: 16
2/18/13 1:38 P

I am good all week long and usually pick either Sat or Sunday to enjoy bad food. But this weekend I was just so hungry for food? lol I am wondering if that is due to me working out so hard? I am at the gym 3 to 4 hrs 5 to 6 days. I love it ....

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