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6/1/11 10:42 P

When I was * years old I cut my tendens and my finger off while carving a pumking 2 surgrey latter My pinkey is bent and parlized And Im right handed. whay do you nead a pinkey any ways.

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6/1/11 9:50 A

I spent alot of time in the hospital when I was a child because of my 4 kidneys. I was afraid when the hospital told my parents that they had to leave at night

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5/23/11 10:26 P

T00 many!

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5/23/11 10:03 P

me and my brother threw knives at each other and held metal garbage can lids for shield were 5 years old

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5/23/11 7:09 P

I was afraid of the dark! emoticon

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5/21/11 10:33 A

I lived in a busy street and I through rocks at the car and I broke this persons care window as he was driving down the road. he pulled in to are drive way and was emoticon then blank. so my brother work on cars he had his own shop so we fixed his window and was grounded again.

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5/21/11 5:45 A

My uncle who was drunk trying to break in our house on Christmas Eve. It was scary at the time.

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5/20/11 11:32 P

I was down in are basement and we had a fire buring heater that made noise.and I loved fires when I was little and I took some paper and put in are heater and caught are basement on fire. ps it was small enouff my parent got the FE cant spell sorry. I was grounded for a week.I was 4 years old at the time.

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5/20/11 5:29 P

only that i stepped in a yellow jacket nest and found out that day i was allergic to bees...

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5/19/11 11:38 P

me and my brother tease a bull and made him chase us. there was a barb wire fence my brother made it throug but I got cought on the fence and gus as the bull was going to hi me, my brother pul me under. one for us and 0 for the bull. by the way I tor my shirt and got a scrape. true story Ask my mom

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