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Do you get your required number of fruits and vegs

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5/23/13 2:32 P

I start every morning with either a green smoothie or a chocolate banana protein shake. I typically eat fruit & yogurt for breakfast. I will switch it up but I always try to have 3-5 servings of fruit in the morning. For lunch, I'll eat a sandwich or hard boiled eggs, I always include carrots, celery or campari tomatoes. My second small lunch is some type of salad, either spinach or romaine lettuce. I try to eat about 2 cups of greens & a lean protein. Dinner is the same, 2 cups of greens or a cup of green beans, 1/2 cup corn or 15-20 asparagus spears. Try to base your meals more around eating fruits & vegetables & less around meats & starch.

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Posts: 88
5/23/13 2:11 P

I eat my veggies or salad for lunch every day. I eat my fruit for dinner or a snack daily.

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Posts: 2,042
5/23/13 2:07 P

based on the size of my dinner salads, I probably exceed the number

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Posts: 3,116
5/23/13 1:24 P

Yes, with the greatest of ease. Love fruit and veggies.

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5/23/13 12:03 P


Posts: 16,783
5/23/13 10:11 A

I eat at least 10 servings of veggies, and usually 1 serving of fruit, but if anything gets cut, the fruit is first. I just make meat and veggie stir fries for lunch and dinner. You can always add mor veggies

Posts: 1,073
5/23/13 7:53 A

I eat my 10 servings of colourful veggies and fruit every day. It's really not hard to do when you focus on eating real whole foods.

Posts: 2,667
5/23/13 7:49 A

usually, although I have to be more careful to balance out the fruits/vegs, and eat more vegs rather than fruits

Posts: 14,386
5/23/13 7:39 A

yeah, but it took me nearly a year to make this an automatic habit.

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Fitness Minutes: (49,917)
Posts: 3,476
5/23/13 7:20 A

I eat fruits and/or veg at every meal. If you aim for 1 serving at breakfast, 2 at lunch and 2 at dinner you will get your 5 a day. Add a fruit or veg snack to that too!

Posts: 942
5/23/13 6:29 A

Fruits yes, veggies not so much.

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Fitness Minutes: (5,730)
Posts: 1,775
5/23/13 1:21 A

I get at least 10 servings daily. They are my primary sources of fuel, followed by meat, fat, and dairy.

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Fitness Minutes: (8,900)
Posts: 154
5/23/13 12:17 A

I usually do raw veggies and dip for an afternoon snack. That gets most of my vegetable servings in early. Then I just have a cup or so of veggies with my supper. I don't have a problem getting enough fruit in as long as I have it available. I like fruit.

Another option is green smoothies- gives some servings of both fruits and vegetables.

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Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
5/22/13 4:34 P

it's pretty easy for me. Fruit is a common snack.

if you like scrambled eggs, add some veggies to them (zucchini, sweet or bell peppers, spinach, etc). Add spinach leaves or some romaine to your sandwich, or use a romaine leaf in stead of bread and make a lettuce wrap.

what about smoothies? If you aren't much of a veggie fan, you can make some great tasting smoothies with fruits & veggies.

try some raw veggies & hummus as a snack

I love brown rice or bulgur with steamed veggies

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Fitness Minutes: (144)
Posts: 78
5/22/13 4:18 P

every day? If so how? I need to do better at this, but I dont want to be eating them just to be eating them, kwim?

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