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MAGNOLIA0913 Posts: 6
3/15/11 12:27 P

I can't eat eggs in the morning neither. I get that nauseous feeling as well. Like many I've tried them cooked in different ways, but still no luck.

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3/1/11 5:13 P

I used to have a problem with eggs eaten alone in the morning, but now that I have gone low carb, I have no problem with them. Weird, huh? I would have thought that I would have had to eat them with the offending foods, but that was not the case for me.

IRISHDANCEMOM62 Posts: 1,079
3/1/11 4:57 P


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3/1/11 2:49 P

When I eat eggs, I get symptoms similar to rheumatoid arthritis - joint inflammation, sore muscles, particularly in the feet, and a lot of water retention. I thought all my pain was due to having gained a huge amount of weight (100+ lbs) in less than a year, but "accidentally" cut eggs out of my diet for a couple of weeks and my pain completely went away. My homeopath had me tested for IgG food allergies, and I am indeed allergic to eggs, and that was causing all my discomfort. I now avoid eggs totally and experience zero pain and/or inflammation.

The eggs seemed to upset my digestive tract somewhat, too - I used to lose one or two nights a week of sleep due to indigestion before I eliminated them from my diet.

EVA_AISLING Posts: 284
1/28/11 2:34 P

I have that problem too! Mostly it's when they are cooked in oil, it seems. When I scramble them in very little oil spray or boil them, I am usually okay. I can usually eat a fried egg sandwich, if I fry them in very little oil. It can be completely random when my stomach decides to trouble me, though. My stomach will just feel uneasy and it feels like it takes a long time to digest. When that happens, bread usually helps settle my stomach. Sipping on some milk can help too.

I've learned that it happens much less often if I only eat one yolk at a time.

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RUTHYBABY2 Posts: 105
1/28/11 2:25 P

Yep sometimes! I haven't figured out why they turn my stomach yet but I tend to avoid eating them, which after reading this thread I maybe should persevere a bit more with them!

AUBREYGR Posts: 466
1/28/11 1:02 P

Just wanted to say you are not alone. I have been this way all my life. My mother quickly learned to feed me cereal for breakfast but every few years she would try again. I can eat eggs fine for dinner as long as there is bread and other things involved.

ALCYON SparkPoints: (12,048)
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1/28/11 11:17 A

It is possible that you could have a sensitivity to eggs without having an allergy. My friend is in the process of a food elimination diet to check for such sensitivities. After cutting out all commonly irritating foods (dairy, gluten, eggs, peanuts, etc.) she has begun to add them back into her diet one at a time to see how her body reacts to them. Interestingly, although she is not ALLERGIC to peanuts, during her peanut trial she found herself feeling really sick. I don't know the details of her reaction, but they lasted for a few days. Maybe this is something you should consider. Our bodies can react in a myriad of ways to different foods. They can make us feel nauseous, fatigued, or cause headache. I would look into this especially since you ate eggs on an empty stomach first thing in the morning... Best of luck!

ANARIE Posts: 13,175
1/28/11 10:46 A

I sometimes have that problem if the eggs are overcooked. I have no problems with fried or poached or gently scrambled eggs, but if they're hard-boiled or scrambled really hard (like in the microwave), they can upset the system and I really taste the sulfur. If that's what's getting to you, it would explain why a fast-food egg upsets your stomach. Those things are cooked until they turn into rocks.

The egg only has to get to a temp of 160 degrees to kill bacteria. The yolk starts to coagulate at 158, so if the yolk is not completely runny, it's hot enough. With scrambled eggs, there shouldn't be any runny liquid visible, but the eggs should still look moist. Most people overcook eggs.

ANDREA409 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/28/11 10:13 A

Hmm. I eat 2 eggs for breakfast every morning, and I've never suffered from them. In fact, I feel just the opposite - lots of energy!

ADELAIDE97 Posts: 10,431
1/28/11 9:38 A

If I eat them too often I do. I generaly eat eggs once maybe twice a week.

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1/28/11 8:47 A


KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
1/28/11 7:35 A

No, I love eggs although I don't eat them that often as I'm usually super sleepy in the morning and want something super easy. Yes, I know it doesn't take long to make an egg, but it's so much easier for me to just eat an English muffin and some peanut butter.

CLAYARTIST Posts: 3,277
1/27/11 11:39 P

never have...

MIPCY1 Posts: 582
1/27/11 11:27 P

My sister had an allergic reaction when she was little, and now she refuses to eat eggs, even though she was tested again and it came back negative.

I like to eat eggs, but it can't be first thing in the morning. I can eat them about an hour after I get up, though. I don't know why it is, but if I try to have eggs first thing in the morning, I feel sick for hours afterwards. I usually choose oatmeal instead.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/27/11 9:58 P

If you want me to throw up on your shoes feed me eggs. I have always had that problem. It doesn't matter when I eat them. they always make me throw up. I can't eat eggs unless they are cooked in something like a cake or cookies. But just to eat eggs no way. It's been that way as long as I can remember.

TYLERSMOM40 Posts: 94
1/27/11 7:36 P

I used to always get sick when I would eat eggs on an empty stomach. Within an hour I was having to throw them up and I love eggs! My doctor told me I may have a problem digesting the protein in the yolks, so now when I want some eggs, I will eat toast or something first and then I seem to be fine. It's like the eggs sneak in with the other stuff and digest just fine. On Thanksgiving, I will eat the main meal before having devilled eggs and I don't have any problems . Hopes this helps

B_2011 Posts: 38
1/27/11 7:01 P


1/27/11 6:51 P

Yes, actually and I have several other friends who have the same problem.

They make my stomache turn for some reason though I loved devilled eggs and on the occasion hard broiled.

What you could do is add lots of vegetables and many other things to help the flavor change that way you don't feel like your eating eggs.

Or if it's the texture (bothers some people) you could try scrambled or just different ways of cooking it.
Before reading the previous posts I didn't know that eggs were so important in a diet.

CEDARBARK1 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/27/11 6:39 P

Nope. and if I eat breakfast, which I usually do, I need PROTEIN or else I get dizzy on carbs. So an egg or two is usually required. Sometimes oatmeal works. Or else some protein-containing meal that isn't usually associated with breakfast.

Some people have egg allergies. I'm glad to note I am not one.

I do make sure I get eggs from pastured chickens, not factory farmed. It may make a difference.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,277
1/27/11 6:21 P

I cannot eat eggs in the morning. It makes me nauseous all day long.

Although if I eat something else for breakfast and then wait a couple hours I can eat eggs for lunch.

SHAE30 Posts: 19
1/27/11 1:34 P

Thanks Susan....I hadn't even thought of I wonder what makes frying them different? I can fry one (I like crispy edges) and eat it on a piece of toast with a little olive oil may and I'm fine.

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
1/27/11 10:41 A

I'm with you - first thing in the morning, they are too much for me sometimes. It's the sulfur, I think.

1/27/11 9:50 A

It doesn't make me sick. I eat an egg almost every morning.

I did want to say that when I "fry" an egg for a sandwich I just spray a little pam in the pam and then add the egg. So there isn't any fat added...and so that might be something to look into if standard frying is a problem for you.

SHAE30 Posts: 19
1/27/11 9:44 A

Thanks, I'll have to try that. I was just curious if anyone else experiences this.

K-LUEBCKE SparkPoints: (0)
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1/27/11 9:36 A

I don't know if I feel nauseous, but my stomach can feel a bit off depending on how I cook them. If I boil or poach the eggs, there's no problem. Frying or scrambling them, anything like that, makes me feel not very good. I've sometimes wondered if it's the fat interacting with the egg's protein or something like that, but it doesn't bother me to serve a poached egg on buttered toast.

1/27/11 9:25 A

No I actually don't

1/27/11 8:54 A

Dr. Oz was recently quoted as saying" If you want to loose weight, eat two eggs every morning." Made me feel good to hear that because I happen to love eggs. I fry mine as well but I use the Pam non-fat 0-calorie spray and cook them that way.

Give it a try! :-)

SHAE30 Posts: 19
1/27/11 8:19 A

I don't have an allergy to eggs, but when I eat them first thing in the morning, it makes me nauseous. I've tried them with and without carbs,vegetables etc. If I fry one for a snadwich it doesn't do that to me. Of course that's not the healthy way to eat them. The eggs aren't bad and they're cooked well.
When I used to eat fast food, I couldn't get them on a breakfast sandwhich either.
Does this happen to anyone else? Thoughts, suggestions.....

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