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Do you exercise when you have a cold?

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10/21/12 7:39 P

Depends how rotten you feel, I think. If I'm really stuffed up, I find it hard to do much cardio, but I can do some ST; i.e., side leg raises, work with exercise band, medicine ball, light weights.

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10/21/12 4:40 P


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10/21/12 3:51 P


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10/21/12 12:23 A


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10/20/12 10:42 P


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10/20/12 7:18 A

yes I do, but if i need to stop, i stop.

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10/20/12 7:14 A

Depends on how bad I feel. Ack, I've been sick twice in the last month! My son just started school in Sept and has been bringing little "gifts" home for the fam.

If I feel achy and weak, I take a day off. So usually the first day but I try my best to stay active instead. Then I get back on the ball the next day.

Yesterday I don't know what I had. I woke up feeling fine. Then suddenly felt a wave of naseua. Then felt fine again and had breakfast, took my son to school. Got home and started my cardio. I noticed my muscles felt a bit achy but I chalked it up as changing up my ST this week. I actually had tons of energy though for my workout and was pushing really hard. Then after I was finished, it hit my like a ton of bricks. I felt achy, dizzy, weak and had a bad headache for the rest of the day. Just relieved I got my cardio in before it came on full force. Today I feel back to normal again... don't know what that was.

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10/19/12 12:23 P

Most people say to rest, but I have had some of my BEST workouts when I have been sick.

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10/19/12 10:27 A


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10/19/12 10:21 A

Everywhere I've read and heard from the most fit people in my life say it's fine as long as it's above the neck

A slight sore throat, sniffles, head congestion, runny nose.. Keep working out!
If it's below the next like when your lungs are burning or your cough is deep and rumbly: take it easy! I still walk through those days

Typically my excuse to NOT workout is.. OOh i'm sick. Better go lay down. Counterproductive! I feel better have a workout and i think it cut my last cold in half by keeping up with it. I even had slight burning in my lungs but i kept it easy on those days and powered through. I felt so much better in the end!

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10/19/12 10:06 A

I ave to agree, if I'm to sick to get out of bed, then I don't. I just lighten my work load, but I like to stay in the routine.

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10/19/12 9:21 A

It depends on how sick I am....if it's more allergies/sinus problems than a true cold, I may do some light exercise like a walk. If it's a severe cold or even the flu, I'll take some time off for my body to heal

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10/19/12 8:19 A

Most of the time, yes. If it's really bad, I'll take at least a day off, but when I do.

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10/19/12 7:42 A

Generally, if I'm too sick to exercise I'm also too sick to get up and find something to eat, so I feel like it evens out.
But, there's the days where you only feel "half-sick" that seem to be the most difficult. I feel that doing anything at all is better than sitter there debating if I should do something.

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10/19/12 12:30 A

yes if i feel okay

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10/19/12 12:21 A

Totally agree about resting when sick. Many times I've worked out when I've had a cold or sinus problems, only to totally regret it afterwards.

There's nothing worse than (1) trying to work out and failing because you haven't got the energy to do it properly, and (2) going ahead with your workout when your body is below par and then feeling worse after because you are even more exhausted.

It is only a few days in the grand scheme of things - rest now and your body will thank you for it later.

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10/18/12 11:33 P

When sick, I primarily rest. Having just spent five months recovering from a lung infection contracted in May, I feel like an expert on this subject.

Your body is very busy working to get rid of your virus and/or bacteria. Pushing it with exercise in general will make the illness longer.

When you feel up to it, you can walk a little. If it makes you more tired, it was too much. If you feel about like you did when you started, then it was about right. Don't overstress your body.

You can always stretch at home. Workout when you feel like it knowing that you'll get back to it when you can, even in my case as it took me four months to walk again.

I hope to start jogging again in a few weeks! Can't wait!

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10/18/12 11:11 P

General rule of thumb is that if the cold is below the neck then rest. If it's merely a head cold you are fine to work out.

However, personally, I find that when I have a head cold I don't WANT to work out. I feel awful and I really don't like the idea. So I just don't bother, and don't beat myself up. Colds don't last - a lifetime habit of working out "most of the time" does. :)

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10/18/12 10:55 P


If you are not feeling well, it's OK to take some time to recover. Remember this is a life-long journey you will be on so that missing a few days to allow your body to heal should not make a difference.

I hope you feel better soon!

Coach Nancy

Posts: 990
10/18/12 10:33 P

I have a bad cold. Yesterday I just did some light weights and some kettlebell traning. But, today I barely can do anything. Do you exercise when your sick? emoticon

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