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NEPTUNE1939 SparkPoints: (213,118)
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2/5/12 11:23 A

no, the body needs rest to recover

BLOOMING52 Posts: 2,676
2/5/12 11:17 A

Generally no

BORNFREE1704 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 20
2/5/12 9:11 A

no wont even go out when sick

SCORPIOCANDY SparkPoints: (23,623)
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Posts: 201
2/2/12 1:28 P

Generally I will workout when I am sick, just depends on how bad I feel and what is bothering.

Like today and yesterday, I have not worked out because I had oral surgery and am on pain I won't workout because I don't want to add insult to injury (stepping wrong, etc and cause serious injury to myself).

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BRITTANYC3 Posts: 2,803
2/2/12 1:24 P

it depends on how sick. Generally no but if I'm only a little sick then I will still exercise

2/2/12 1:19 P


Eva - Portland, Oregon USA
LOVES2RUN08 Posts: 553
2/2/12 1:18 P

My trainer says, its good to sweat it out, unless you have a fever or are terribly sick. (bed ridden sick) Therefore, Im nursing a cold so Id better get my butt to the gym today!


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CAROLJ94941 Posts: 2,798
2/2/12 1:13 P

if I'm not real sick, yes

BREAKTHROUGHYR SparkPoints: (18,025)
Fitness Minutes: (17,115)
Posts: 730
2/2/12 1:05 P

Sometimes I try to push my way through it b/c I don't wanna fall off track but when my body pushes back and says NO WAY I listen to it...

CAPPYKIM SparkPoints: (11,413)
Fitness Minutes: (8,094)
Posts: 195
2/2/12 11:01 A

Depends on how I feel. I started the year off with a case of shingles and decided to rest instead of working out.

KBENTLEY2646 Posts: 77
2/2/12 10:33 A

It depends on how I feel. Right now I have a head cold that is throwing my balance off, so I am walking instead of running.

LISMORENUS Posts: 1,280
2/2/12 10:29 A

yes but I try to do it outside because my Dad says fresh air can cure anything. emoticon

SWEETSUGAR7 Posts: 2,450
2/1/12 5:32 P

I try to walk and it feels good to keep your body moving so your not stiff

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Fitness Minutes: (105)
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2/1/12 5:31 P

As a service to others, I stay out of the gym when I'm not feeling well. Also, I figure if you're coming down with something your immune system is already challenged and you don't need the possibility more germs invading your body, making you sicker.

Otherwise I go with the "neck test". If my symptoms are all neck and above (little stuffy, sore throat, anything but fever) I stick to the plan the best I can. Below the neck (stomach aches, sore/stiff muscles with other symptoms) I take a rest until I feel better.

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GIANT-STEPS SparkPoints: (65,408)
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Posts: 3,641
2/1/12 5:26 P

Depends on how I feel. I never exercise if I have a fever though.

CHARLIEBROWN57 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/1/12 4:13 P


XIUXIE SparkPoints: (0)
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2/1/12 3:59 P


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OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (120,765)
Fitness Minutes: (70,091)
Posts: 7,986
2/1/12 3:37 P

it depends on how sick. If it's just a cold, sure. But I try to stay away from the gym so I don't get anybody else sick.

if I'm running a fever, I take it easy.

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KENMAC116 Posts: 3,011
2/1/12 2:27 P


KRMFREEONE Posts: 1,005
2/1/12 2:24 P

I had a really bad sinus infection earlier this month, and when i felt that i was just well enough for some exercise, I ended up with a new sore throat and an added fever, so my idea is to be 100 % before I go to see my trainer again!

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LANSELMI SparkPoints: (46,599)
Fitness Minutes: (45,755)
Posts: 1,218
2/1/12 12:23 P

depending on how sick I feel. Don't want to make it worse, but if I can do it without risk I do

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CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,171)
Fitness Minutes: (5,581)
Posts: 10,421
2/1/12 12:22 P


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2/1/12 12:18 P

Unless I'm so sick that I can't get out of bed, then yes. Even when I'm that sick, I try to do a few stretches or some gentle pilates movements.

Working out makes me feel so much better when I have a cold or other respiratory problem. It opens up the airways so I can sort-of breathe, instead of not being able to breathe at all.

ARTWEST1 SparkPoints: (1,016)
Fitness Minutes: (2,358)
Posts: 13
2/1/12 12:16 P

I stick with my normal routine as long as possible.

I have to be very sick to get away from it.

CANTRAYS7 SparkPoints: (14,688)
Fitness Minutes: (8,099)
Posts: 75
2/1/12 12:04 P

not usually.

KAILIIA SparkPoints: (77,182)
Fitness Minutes: (40,802)
Posts: 5,146
2/1/12 12:03 P

I don't really and if I do I dial the intensity way down.

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HYDEEKIN SparkPoints: (16,323)
Fitness Minutes: (8,056)
Posts: 292
2/1/12 10:01 A

For a mild cold I don't change it much. Last week though my throat was so sore it hurt to breathe deeply so I just did some strength training that didn't make me breathe hard. Then this weekend the whole family got a stomach bug. Needless to say, when you are puking you don't work out!

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GARDENPEACH SparkPoints: (22,098)
Fitness Minutes: (17,832)
Posts: 552
2/1/12 9:41 A

I feel like I'm coming down with a little cold, but I'm not totally under the weather just yet. Would you stick to your normal workout routine, take it down a notch, or not work out at all?

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