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Do you exercise first thing in the morning?

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SparkPoints: (111,452)
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Posts: 4,012
2/20/13 6:02 P


SparkPoints: (7,003)
Fitness Minutes: (3,382)
Posts: 240
2/20/13 5:45 P

No I work odd hours so morning is wind down time, usually its in the afternoon or early evening.

Posts: 1,196
2/20/13 5:33 P

I wish that I could, but because of a back injury it's all I can do to just get out of bed. I end up walking laps around an island until I can stand straight up with less pain. I guess that counts as exercise since it usually takes about 20 minutes.

Posts: 9,310
2/20/13 1:15 P

on weekends

SparkPoints: (165,780)
Fitness Minutes: (121,343)
Posts: 7,204
2/20/13 12:52 P

Yes, unless I am refereeing soccer.

Posts: 543
2/20/13 12:37 P

Not usually. Usually later.

Posts: 1,899
2/20/13 12:26 P

On weekends I do.

SparkPoints: (17,603)
Fitness Minutes: (12,460)
Posts: 611
2/20/13 12:25 P

Yep, get up at 5 to go to the gym

Posts: 1,283
2/20/13 12:24 P

Yes because I am out of work so this is best time for me. I do have to wait until my arthiritis is not too bad to start exercising though. I takes meds for it and some days it's worse then others.

Posts: 1,038
2/20/13 12:17 P

No I work out in the evening, that's just what works for me right now.

SparkPoints: (45,411)
Fitness Minutes: (22,668)
Posts: 1,855
2/20/13 12:11 P

Not first thing, but in the morning. Keeps me "right" for the day.

SparkPoints: (52,950)
Fitness Minutes: (1,670)
Posts: 503
2/20/13 12:06 P

No.. It is too hectic in the morning..getting ready for uni etc

SparkPoints: (76,906)
Fitness Minutes: (17,391)
Posts: 2,116
2/20/13 10:35 A

I don't but I've decided I should try it because I'm letting myself off the hook when I get home and nothing is happening.

SparkPoints: (82,426)
Fitness Minutes: (34,128)
Posts: 3,094
2/20/13 10:28 A

No. I like get up on time for work. I always take exercise in the evening.

SparkPoints: (211,951)
Fitness Minutes: (87,276)
Posts: 11,593
2/20/13 9:09 A

I take a 60 minutes walk first thing every morning.

Posts: 1,023
2/20/13 7:18 A

Over the last couple of years I've grown to really like working out first thing in the morning.
I get up and stumble around a little but within a couple of minutes I'm coherent enough to get through the exercises.

SparkPoints: (45,786)
Fitness Minutes: (33,881)
Posts: 1,833
2/20/13 7:17 A


SparkPoints: (74,253)
Fitness Minutes: (61,795)
Posts: 2,489
2/20/13 7:16 A

Lately, I have been. I workout out right after I make my kids their breakfast and then have breakfast after. Not today. My husband is on nights and hasn't gone to bed yet so I'm having breakfast and my tea first. Then I'll squeeze in a 10 minute cardio warm up and 25 minutes of the lvl 3 of the 30 DS. If I'm lucky I can started on my upper body before I have to take my son to the bus stop. Then come home and finish up the rest of my strength training routine.

SparkPoints: (184,849)
Fitness Minutes: (113,131)
Posts: 12,625
2/20/13 6:35 A


SparkPoints: (189,473)
Fitness Minutes: (114,166)
Posts: 10,413
2/20/13 6:24 A

I don't jump right out of bed and start exercising, but my workout is part of my morning routine before I have breakfast and get ready for work.

Posts: 17,162
2/20/13 5:33 A

No, I go to the gym before lunch.

SparkPoints: (7,669)
Fitness Minutes: (4,384)
Posts: 90
2/20/13 4:50 A


SparkPoints: (99,834)
Fitness Minutes: (66,255)
Posts: 17,859
2/20/13 3:22 A

yes but most is done at midday

SparkPoints: (18,252)
Fitness Minutes: (5,636)
Posts: 428
2/20/13 3:21 A

small staple in the morning to get my juices flowing and then off to the renovation to try and get things done. When hunger finally hits I will sit down with the wife and have a nice breakfast and a coffee or tea, then back to work. This will hold us until we are ready to have some late lunch. We tend to slow after lunch but still get ample work done.We clean up and have a nutritional supper then relax,

SparkPoints: (105,065)
Fitness Minutes: (94,728)
Posts: 2,718
2/20/13 1:43 A

No, even though I know it's best, I excercise in the afternoon

SparkPoints: (3,440)
Fitness Minutes: (1,215)
Posts: 109
2/20/13 1:33 A

I'm not a morning person, but I exercise in the morning to wake me up and get myself motivated to make smart food choices throughout the day

Posts: 393
2/20/13 1:10 A

yes after work.

Posts: 1,667
2/20/13 12:44 A

If I don't exercise in the morning, it's very hard for me to do it later. So yes, I try to do it early.

Posts: 5,602
2/20/13 12:36 A

No, not a morning person.

Posts: 865
2/20/13 12:23 A


Posts: 6,130
2/20/13 12:20 A

at 6 a.m. my alarm goes 6:30 I am on my treadmill. Then 3 days a week at 8:30 I am at my weight lifting those. Such a morning person. love getting my workouts in. 5 days a week of cardio and 4 days a week of weight lifting.

Posts: 4,673
2/19/13 11:58 P

I don't do ANYTHING first thing in the morning! I'm not a morning person..... I usually am working out late evening while I watch my tv shows

SparkPoints: (2,468)
Fitness Minutes: (1,201)
Posts: 205
2/19/13 11:57 P

I work from home, so I have my breakfast and then do my circuit workout a couple hours after. I don't like to exercise on either an empty stomach or with a belly full of food, so that's the best time for me.

I usually also take a short walk in the evening.

SparkPoints: (6,597)
Fitness Minutes: (3,513)
Posts: 233
2/19/13 10:20 P

nope did this evening

SparkPoints: (83,172)
Fitness Minutes: (63,480)
Posts: 3,886
2/19/13 10:09 P

Yep, fix husband's breakfast first and then hop on the exercise bike for 2 hrs., I eat later on.

Posts: 11,456
2/19/13 10:00 P


SparkPoints: (28,188)
Fitness Minutes: (10,067)
Posts: 508
2/19/13 9:52 P

yes I try to do it first thing in the morning. It makes my day go much better and I won't be able to talk myself out of it if I get it done right away.

Posts: 1,678
2/19/13 9:45 P


Posts: 3,088
2/19/13 9:43 P

I exercise in the morning, not the first thing. I usually have a small muffin and a cup of coffee. I find I need a little snack to get me going.

SparkPoints: (6,021)
Fitness Minutes: (3,951)
Posts: 278
2/19/13 9:38 P

No. I get up, take the dogs out, get the kids up and get them breakfast. Get them ready for school and on the buses. I either workout a couple hours after I get up or I wait until night time and do it once I get the kids in bed.

Online Now
SparkPoints: (219,797)
Fitness Minutes: (196,120)
Posts: 6,866
2/19/13 9:17 P

Sometimes, and sometimes I break it up into two sessions.

Posts: 687
2/19/13 8:53 P


Posts: 6,675
2/19/13 8:43 P


Posts: 1,011
2/19/13 8:40 P

Yes. I find that if I don't, it's a lot harder to schedule. Just seems to work best to start the day with exercise.

SparkPoints: (80,371)
Fitness Minutes: (92,770)
Posts: 2,099
2/19/13 8:30 P


Posts: 637
2/19/13 8:28 P

yes, I try to

SparkPoints: (12,694)
Fitness Minutes: (36,376)
Posts: 126
2/19/13 8:25 P

Years ago, before I had our first daughter, I LOVED getting up early and hittin the gym before work! I'd get there at 6am, workout for an hour, shower, and be at work by 8. Now that's not possible so I workout in the evening. Starting tomorrow, though, I'm going to be able to workout mid-day :)

Posts: 439
2/19/13 8:22 P

Yes, mornings are the best time for me.

Posts: 6,137
2/19/13 8:15 P

I usually have breakfast first and then go for a long brisk walk

SparkPoints: (17,330)
Fitness Minutes: (6,835)
Posts: 610
2/19/13 8:08 P

After I wake up and take my dog outside, I get on my elliptical for 10 minutes. It wakes me up and keeps me energized all day long.

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