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10/13/13 11:21 P

Yes! My body and lifestyle (as far as eating and exercise go) are 100% different, but I wake up everyday expecting to see that person in the mirror that I was used to seeing and expecting to see those numbers on the scale I used to see. This may sound completely weirdo of me, but I am constantly checking myself out in the mirror, not really believing what I'm seeing.

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10/13/13 6:48 P

If you've lost 16 pounds since you booked the trip and you were 2 lbs too heavy then, you should be fine. Go and enjoy!

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10/13/13 11:01 A

Thanks for the encouragement. I am noticing some differences in my clothes, maybe if I keep trying on old clothes I'll keep the negative feelings at bay.

I think the main reason I'm so worried about the number on the scale is because I'm taking my mom on her dream vacation which includes zip lining in San Juan. After we booked the trip I noticed the zip line company has a weight limit and at that point I was 2 lbs to heavy, based on my scale. I want to make sure that I've lost enough weight to get on any scale and still be under the limit. I would be devastated if we get there and I can't go zip lining. My mom won't go without me, so it would be hard for her too. We leave in 3 weeks.

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10/12/13 1:49 P

My one word of advice that even I struggle with - don't worry about the numbers!

Yes losing weight is good and what we want, but what you really want is to be healthy, sexy, able bodied correct?

Focus on how your clothes fit. I weighed in and have lost weight, but didn't feel like it. I was feeling like I wasn't doing enough, I need to eat even less, and all of these negative feelings like you have. I then came across a shirt I tossed to the side weeks ago because it was too tight. I put it on and now it fits perfectly!

So I suggest that you do weigh in, but don't get over worried about it. As long as you're losing a pound a week you're on the right track. Also measure yourself or feel how your clothes are fitting. When you feel that shirt go over you and feel a little baggy you will feel incredible believe me. Good luck. I'm here if you need any help.

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10/12/13 1:33 P

Some days I can't shake the feeling that I'm not really making this happen. Maybe because I'm still so early in my journey, but I can't help be afraid that when I weigh in that the numbers are going to say I'm right back where I started.

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