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2/26/13 1:26 P

You can manually reset that 610 to whatever you actually are burning.

However, HRMs are not able to give you a figure for strength training. Their algorithms only work for cardio. Strength training is anaerobic - without oxygen. Heart rate is NOT directly correlated with calorie burn for this type of activity.

So I would only use your Cardio burn figures.

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2/25/13 4:47 P

Here's how the calorie range is calculated, and how we handle exercise:

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2/25/13 2:35 P

Your calorie burn is already taken into account when calculating your calorie range to eat. If you are burning more than Spark recommends, you need to go into your fitness tracker settings and update your calorie burn target. Once you do that, Spark will update your calorie range for eating automatically.

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2/25/13 2:29 P

I am new to SP. Prior to trying this out, I was doing WW, where we could earn "activity points", which we could then use towards our daily or weekly points total. I always lost better when I ate most of these activity points.

According to SP, my weekly calorie burn goal is 610. I assume my daily caloric needs is based upon that, right?

The question, however, is that I burn 1500-3000 calories weekly between cardio and strength training (according to my Polar HRM...not the tracker which seems to give higher numbers). Should I be eating more calories than my daily target in order to provide proper fuel for my body?

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