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NEWKID54 Posts: 620
4/8/11 5:39 P

I love potatoes way too much. Just can't control myself when they are in the house. Had to give them up at home. I save potatoes for when I eat out!!! emoticon

LMBR72108 Posts: 242
4/8/11 2:01 A

i love red potatoes. i usually roast them in the oven with garlic powder and pepper.

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
3/30/11 11:11 A

I eat like a half of a potato when i eat it ! About 4 of DH french fries when he gets them ! emoticon

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MMCDAN03 Posts: 305
3/30/11 10:52 A

Yes, we eat them a couple times a week. My hubby and sons are meat & potatoes guys and they will ask for more potaotes if I don't serve them enough.

GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (204,300)
Fitness Minutes: (94,638)
Posts: 6,611
3/9/11 7:00 P

yes! I make a baked potato with taco salad toppings that is wonderfully filling and not too high in calories (lots of salsa, FF sour cream, tiny bit of taco meat and beans), onions, tomatoes - - - yum! emoticon

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SYDNEY_GAL Posts: 1,609
3/8/11 9:17 P

I don't eat potatoes that often, because I find that they taste a bit too bland for my liking.
When I do eat them, they're usually mashed together with sweet potato and/or pumpkin to make what I call "orange mash"

Orange sweet potato, however, is something I'll eat everyday. I enjoy the taste of it, whether it's boiled, steamed, mashed, roasted or made into hot chips

AMERIZ SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 17
3/8/11 8:38 P

I add Potatoes to alot of my dishes because its a great filler then meats half the time, in fact I have a Dish I make for myself and the roommates thats Hamburger soup, and I cut the meat in half and add potatoes.

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LEAHLEGS Posts: 184
3/8/11 4:05 P

I often eat a baked potato as a small meal, with pepper, low fat sour cream, and sauteed onions, it's very filling, without many calories. I just have to make sure I get lots of protein with my other meals throughout the day.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/8/11 1:27 P

I might have potatoes once a week.. they spike your blood sugar.. thats what is so bad about them.. but they are better than ho-ho's etc.

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MIKO26 Posts: 99
3/8/11 12:16 P

yes, usually red potatoes either roasted w/a bit of olive oil or boiled w/a dab of sour cream. Not too often though.

SUNNYGRL160 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 40
3/8/11 11:55 A

Yes, a very healthy vegetable. I quarter and broast leaving skins on with a little olive oil, garlic and basil. I also enjoy them baked topped with steamed brocolli or a dollop of fat free plain yogurt.. Added butter, sour cream, dressings, etc can add plenty of added fat and calories,

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-AMANDA79- Posts: 3,851
3/8/11 10:27 A

I used to eat potatoes with every meal. Now I will have them a couple times a week and will often have sweet potatoes. All things in moderation!

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LOSTLIME SparkPoints: (74,331)
Fitness Minutes: (21,430)
Posts: 19,221
3/8/11 6:46 A

yes but try to eat more sweet potatoes than white

BLUEMRSM SparkPoints: (25,681)
Fitness Minutes: (27,762)
Posts: 640
3/7/11 8:41 P

Yes. SparkRecipes has a nice hash brown recipe. Nice for a weekend breakfast treat.

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DOOBIE893 SparkPoints: (55,287)
Fitness Minutes: (11,959)
Posts: 6,250
3/7/11 1:01 P

not often

TONI2011 SparkPoints: (31,842)
Fitness Minutes: (12,091)
Posts: 458
2/23/11 10:25 P

Yes - and sweet potatoes too

TONI2011 SparkPoints: (31,842)
Fitness Minutes: (12,091)
Posts: 458
2/23/11 10:22 P

Yes - and sweet potatoes too

ASHLIE224 Posts: 223
2/23/11 10:07 P

I love them, but if I want a baked one I put cottage cheese on it instead of sour cream and I Can't Believe it's Not Butter spray on it. The texture is a little different, but the taste is pretty good.

CAM767 SparkPoints: (11,584)
Fitness Minutes: (9,266)
Posts: 88
2/23/11 8:47 P

I do still eat them. Not every day but at least a couple of times a week. It's one of those foods that keeps me satisfied for hours compared to rice. I always feel satisfied after eating one and therefore my urge to snack goes down.

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2/22/11 5:52 A

Since I eliminated pastas (overall), potatoes, and breads (had once) since the beginning of January.
I have not missed them at all.
I am enjoying my healthier lifestyle of living. And can't wait to see what the good Lord has instored for me.
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2/21/11 8:57 P

I grew up on meat & potatoes (British father). Got so tired of them! Now I do eat them, but sparingly (once or twice a week). During college I used to eat a baked potato (good ol' microwave) as a meal, and it worked out pretty well that way (low fat sour cream). They are very filling & nutritious (my dad still swears by them), and I would bet they're a good deal healthier than either past or rice (what with them being a vegetable and all). They're also good in the crockpot, or in the oven (avoid french fries (unless baked) and mashed potatoes (delicious but calorific) -- although spark probably has some helpful recipes for that!). I found, too, with mashed potatoes, that you could consume a couple of potatoes instead of limiting yourself to one. Best to portion out the potato and then cook it.

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KATENICOLE84 Posts: 133
2/21/11 7:37 P

I love to eat a baked potato with a side salad! On my baked potato, I use Laughing Cow Light wedges melted and a springle of Lowry's. So good!

2/21/11 6:59 P

Variety is the spice of life, so yes I do eat them every week or so. I'm autoimmune, so I'm always in need of the extra C and potassium, and I find they're filling as well. Usually I have red potatoes or Yukon gold, skin on, either roasted with garlic & olive oil or steamed with fresh parsley. Sea salt & fresh cracked pepper are a must.

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DANSMOMTPM2 Posts: 735
2/21/11 9:53 A

Did I mention that I also like potatoes raw? A little onion and garlic salt and it is fabulous. But I am trying to stay away from too much. Everything in moderation.

LAURELSPARK SparkPoints: (102,898)
Fitness Minutes: (84,404)
Posts: 6,727
2/20/11 3:59 P

I gave up mashed potatoes because I can't eat them without all of the extra stuff. I still eat them baked periodically, but only with a tad of salt and pepper.

THEMANDIKAT SparkPoints: (7,246)
Fitness Minutes: (2,710)
Posts: 195
2/20/11 11:43 A

Here's my take on 'taters.

If you look at one under a microscope, you'll essentially see a whole bunch of glucose strands. As such, the energy they contain is very rapidly absorbed into our bodies, giving us a TON of energy at once, even more than we get from a spoonful of table sugar (which is half glucose).. In essence, you get a bigger rise in blood sugar after eating potatoes, a baked potato, say, than you do from eating pure table sugar.

So if you need to survive a famine, or if you are extremely active and have no concern about blood sugar spikes or plummets, a potato here and there is good for you. The nutrition-to-calorie ratio isn't ideal, but if you don't have a primarily sedentary lifestyle, or if you're planning on expending a TON of energy after eating, a potato is a good choice.

I genuinely think that all straight-from-nature foods have something to offer us for different occasions. I don't think there's anything wrong with having them in moderation if you keep the facts in mind.

If you are big on potatoes, why not give some natural alternatives a try and see how you feel afterward? Different things help and hinder different people.

If you're big on mashed potatoes, why not try pureed steamed cauliflower with a little EVOO, salt, pepper, and dill? If you like potatoes in your stew, why not try turnips, parsnips, or yams instead, just once to see if it gives you the same tasty filler with a higher nutritional content?

Or, if you're big into potato chips, why not try making them out of kale once, just to see if it's a worth-it switch for you?

I'm not anti-potato, but I do think that if you're looking for foods that are GOOD for you as opposed to NOT THAT BAD for you, you might benefit from experimentation with other foods, just in case. :)

Happy munchin'!

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JOAN_HEO Posts: 3,145
2/20/11 11:07 A

I love spuds mashed and baked but I have forsaken them for yams or sweet potatoes with a little bit of butter and a bunch of cinnamon. They are soooo good and they are good for you.

2/19/11 9:10 P

yes! mashed/baked/roasted

TEACHINGFORME SparkPoints: (46,874)
Fitness Minutes: (23,360)
Posts: 115
2/19/11 7:08 P

We eat potatoes about once a week. I buy red potatoes because they are small and perfect portion size. Sometimes you just need that potato to go with that grilled meat. Of course, I also have a vegetable to help balance my meal.

STEPHWOLF84 SparkPoints: (3,473)
Fitness Minutes: (4,577)
Posts: 13
2/19/11 5:30 P

I don't think I could give up potatoes! I LOVE them. :) I think it really depends on the way that you prepare them.

BELLECAT Posts: 357
2/19/11 4:25 P

I love potatoes! I just watch the portions. Many russets weigh in at a whole pound! I love Yukon golds the best, I think. The last 2 years we grew our own potatoes and they were amazingly good!


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DANSMOMTPM2 Posts: 735
2/19/11 10:36 A

OMG - potatoes are one of my favorite foods in the world. I was addicted to french fries, haven't had one (fry) in 8 months. But I do still do a baked potato or a small small serving of mashed potatoes (homemade of course). Just once a week though.

LOVINGLIFE0376 Posts: 72
2/19/11 2:49 A

I haven't had them since sometime in January. I miss them =(

NEWSGIRL2177 SparkPoints: (45,552)
Fitness Minutes: (61,313)
Posts: 817
2/18/11 7:56 P

I have them maybe once a week or once every other week. I like them roasted with a little olive oil and rosemary or a little cayenne pepper. Yum!


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SARA72121 Posts: 843
2/18/11 3:37 P

My favorite food in the world is french fries so initially I gave up potatoes. I didn't eat one for a good 8 months. Recently I've been eating them again. I buy 5 lbs bags of small sized potatoes so each is a serving. I always leave the skin on and I cut them up and roast them for oven fries. 450 for about 35 mins with some cooking spray and salt. I eat them with malt vinegar YUM!


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MOM2ACAT SparkPoints: (190,535)
Fitness Minutes: (41,579)
Posts: 30,457
2/18/11 3:13 P

I eat potatoes about once per week. I have gastroparesis, and potatoes are one of the few veggies I can still eat. I can't eat the skins though.

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MEOW1991 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2
2/18/11 3:00 P

Yes, loads! It's one of those foods that fills you up, especially if you're a vegetarian. I think they're fine as long as you choose something healthy to go with them!

DOOBIE893 SparkPoints: (55,287)
Fitness Minutes: (11,959)
Posts: 6,250
2/18/11 1:47 P

every once and a while

MENOSTOP2011 SparkPoints: (12,197)
Fitness Minutes: (14,848)
Posts: 269
2/17/11 7:59 P


If you like it, I love it.
MIKO26 Posts: 99
2/17/11 11:41 A

I do like potatoes. At home I only eat baby reds with the skin. Wendy's baked potatoe w/reduced fat sour cream is a halfway decent fast food choice.

SUGAREE5335 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 52
2/17/11 9:07 A

Very rarely. Potatoes are one of those foods that I have always been able to leave or take. Lately we've been subbing in other vegetables in their place...mashed or roasted cauliflower or butternut squash fries for example.

KELLYTHEFIT0710 SparkPoints: (37,074)
Fitness Minutes: (25,267)
Posts: 346
2/17/11 8:51 A

If I have just a potato, it would be baked with sour cream (fat free!). I do use them in soups and stews as well. In the last few months though I have really made an effort to use sweet potatoes instead-I can't believe how much I like them! emoticon

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Fitness Minutes: (10,902)
Posts: 5,408
2/17/11 8:11 A

on occasion, and usually baked with no fat sour cream

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-POOKIE- Posts: 12,596
2/17/11 5:51 A

Very VERY rarely.

Never at home, only have fries when we have a takeaway occasionally, or a baked potato when there is simply nothing else I can order in a cafe or something!

BARBAKOAR Posts: 328
2/17/11 2:49 A

I regulary have a baked potatoe covered in fresh ground pepper and salt and in the microwave with a good spoonful of baked beans in tom sauce, love it and was led to beleive it is a good food choice on a diet

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SCRAPLYN Posts: 264
2/16/11 8:17 P

If I had to cut out potatoes I'd probably not be able to stick to the plan. LOL. I don't get as hungry when I have potatoes. I mainly like them baked or steamed or boiled. I always leave the skins on no matter how I cook them. I dress them up with I Can't believe It's Not Butter Fat free and some sour cream. I like to put them in soups, too. It ups the calories some, but it makes them more hearty.

2/16/11 4:40 P

Love 'em. And I always ALWAYS leave the skins on, as that's where the real nutrition is. Scrub well and buy organic if you can. I use them in stews, or oven brown with chicken or roasts, or mash with a little chicken broth instead of milk. There's only 110 cals in a 5 oz spud, and they are a good source of vitamin C, B6, potassium and manganese.

Here's a quick lunch that clocks in at 180 calories:
Cook a scrubbed 5 oz spud in the microwave. Top with a soft-boiled egg, a touch of salt & pepper and you've got a fast, nutritious, comfort-food meal!

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LIZMOODYMOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 58
2/16/11 4:16 P

I don't eat them much anymore due to empty carbs/calories. What health benefits do they have that outweigh all the carbs that you can't get from another veggie?

2/16/11 3:55 P

Love them. But in moderation. Once in a while totally fine.

LEAN_MOM Posts: 356
2/16/11 3:43 P

Potatoes have been given the "evil" label by many people trying to lose weight. They are high in starch and calories for a vegetable. Some consider it "empty" calories. Especially if you add sour cream or butter & milk.

But potatoes have a lot of health benefits as well.

Do you still eat potatoes? How do you like them?

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