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3/15/13 11:19 P

You are very welcome. Be sure to come back and let us know how it's going! I bet you're going to feel a lot better!

3/14/13 5:41 P

Thank you to everyone for the helpful comments. DRAGONCHILDE, thank you for the description of how a deficit is calculated. I followed your advice and reset my goal date to October 1st, 2013 (Part of the problem was that I didn't realize a prior goal date was being used) and my new calorie range is 1450-1800 assuming I burn 3000 calories per week through exercise. Thanks a lot!!

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3/14/13 9:17 A

Subtracting your fitness calories from your calories eaten doesn't really tell you anything useful. No, you don't "eat back" your calories.

You look at the entire end of the day math to determine your deficit.

Your BMR x activity multiplier + exercise = calories burned.

Then, subtract your daily calorie intake. The number you have is your deficit, and that's what determines your weight loss rate. For example.

My BMR is about 1600. I multiply that by 1.2 to account for daily activities like feeding the kids, doing the dishes, living, basically. That gives me about 1920 calories burned before exercise. If I go for a walk with the family, that'll add another 200 or so. That brings me up to 2120.

Now, if I eat 1600 calories that day, I subtract that, and that leaves me with a daily calorie deficit of about 520. If I keep that up over the course of a week, I'll lose about a pound (3500 calories = 1 lb.)

Make sense?

Now, I notice your weight's around 172. What's your current weekly weight loss goal? If you're burning 600 calories in exercise, 1550 is likely too low for you. You are creating too large a deficit, and may be slowing your metabolism. You need to set up a weekly weight loss goal of around 3% of your total remaining goal. The less you have to lose, the slower it comes off. If you set your goal for 2 lbs per week, SP will put you in the minimum safety range of 1200-1550, even though that may be too fast for you. Assuming your BMR + activity is around 1800 or so, if you add 600 on top of that, you get a deficit of around 850, which is 1.5 lbs per week, and a bit too fast for you.

In your case, your ticker says you have about 38 lbs to lose. That means you can safely attempt to lose about 1 lb per week safely.

Update your weight loss goal to reflect this, and update your fitness goals to reflect the amount of work you're doing (approximate weekly calorie burn is best.) Sparkpeople will then generate a range that will be appropriate for you!

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3/14/13 9:05 A

If you are loggin both your fitness minutes and calories accurately, check what SP says. On days where I burn more, it recommends that I eat more.

3/14/13 7:22 A

Depends on the day and the circumstances. I do occasionally, but I don't "eat back" as many as I've burned.

Best of success to you!

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3/14/13 6:13 A

In coming up with an intake recommendation, Spark has already taken into account the exercise set out in your Exercise Goals. So to 'eat back' your exercise calories is in fact to undo some of your hard work.

So long as the 650 calories is consistent with your Exercise Goals (averaged across the whole week), then you are fine. If you are regularly burning significantly more than is set out in your Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page), then you should update your goals to more closely reflect what you are burning. Spark will then recalculate your intake recommendations to reflect this.


3/14/13 5:31 A

Hi everyone! I am a little bit confused. I generally eat at the higher end of my calorie range (1550 cals per day at the highest). I also love going to work out, and lately I've found myself spending an hour in the gym, burning about 650 calories. Does that mean that I am now undereating?After burning 650 calories, my net is only 900 for the day.

Do I need to eat more calories to compensate for ending up below my calorie range? I hope I have worded this correctly, as I am quite puzzled as to what would be best.

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