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1/17/14 4:57 A

Hi Michelle,
I use different ingredients depending on what I have in the house. Frozen raspberries, apple juice, sparkling water and Nutribiotic rice protein (vanilla) has been my go-to lately. I'll pair it with a handful of almonds or walnuts for something to chew. It's a fast meal.

I also love green smoothies, but I never mix protein powder in those. (I would imagine I would not like it.) My favorite is alfalfa sprouts, celery, parsley, cucumber, lime, and green apple.

And I agree with Berry, the texture of whey is more appealing (at least of the powders I've tried), but that's not an option for me anymore. I've heard egg protein makes fluffy and smooth shakes, so I may try that next.

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1/16/14 7:20 P

I've had both Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein. Yuck! (The taste/texture is grainy at best.)
...and this is from someone who has 5-7 smoothies in a week as a meal replacements.
IMO don't waste your money!

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1/16/14 2:52 P

my chiro's group has a wonderful plant protein. It is 17g of protein and done completely with organic plants, cold pressed processing, etc. The whey protein is 23g.

I do make green smoothies, but sometimes want the additional protein without adding nut butters.

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1/16/14 8:34 A

What are the ingredients?

Have you tried green smoothies?

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1/16/14 6:41 A

Some times I do. :) I'm allergic to dairy, so if I add protein powder in my smoothies I use rice protein. I've also tried one blend of pea, hemp, rice and chia seed, but I could not care much for the taste and texture. I don't find it any more filling than a normal meal, but it's fast to prepare and drink.

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1/16/14 6:19 A

I have been drinking plant protein powder mixed with water in the morning. I have more energy and don't get hungary until lunch.

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