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11/12/13 7:22 A

I track them because I like to see my nutrient breakdown---not just my caloric intake.

11/12/13 12:51 A

anything that goes into the mouth and comes out the other end gets counted--except water.

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11/12/13 12:13 A

Of course I track my veggies--they are a very large part of my diet.

I think that the WW approach of free veggies is wrong headed. Free fruit is just plain insane.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
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11/11/13 10:26 P

I definitely track them, because as others have said, I want to see the nutrients. (And yes, I do want to keep track of the calories, too, even though they're minimal.) That said, if I end up eating an extra half-cup of spinach, I don't necessarily go back and edit my tracker.

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11/11/13 5:04 P


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11/11/13 4:04 P


JUSTIMEEM Posts: 137
11/11/13 3:59 P

I count everything (so yes, even veggies).
By the way: there's no such thing as negative calories.

JAMINURSE Posts: 3,899
11/11/13 11:18 A

Yes, I count them. I want to track the nutrients. I don't consider any food free. That kind of thinking doesn't work for me. As others have stated, I don't measure things like celery.

11/11/13 11:00 A

I count them, they still have calories and they still add up.

PENGUINPIE Posts: 3,146
11/11/13 10:47 A

Absolutely, I track everything, including veggies, for the reasons already mentioned -- calories, am I hitting my goal for number of servings and fiber, micronutrients, etc. And the calories really do add up -- when I have a big salad, the veggies alone can be a couple hundred calories, and that's before I add cheese or dressing or protein!

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11/11/13 10:42 A


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11/11/13 10:13 A


ROBBIEY SparkPoints: (386,293)
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11/11/13 10:08 A

Yes, everything

RKING10 Posts: 152
11/11/13 9:19 A

Yes I do-it's helpful in the end, not the calories part, but to see how many servings of fruit and veggies you get a day.

EWL978 Posts: 2,021
11/11/13 9:09 A

Of course!! Even mustard and/or ketchup gets counted!!

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
11/11/13 9:00 A

everything that goes in my mouth gets tracked including veges.

STEPHANIE5221 Posts: 28
11/11/13 8:46 A

Yes and measure when I eat them. I don't "freak out" about going over on celery, cucumbers, etc but watch the higher calorie vegs like carrots and jicama. But if I'm hungry, I overeat these instead of chips!

DEESHAREE SparkPoints: (60,452)
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11/11/13 8:32 A

Everything gets tracked. I find it's the only way to stay accountable. That's why the new WW points plus didn't click for me.

MCCC75 SparkPoints: (25,022)
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11/11/13 8:32 A

Yes, I track and count everything that goes in my mouth! emoticon

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,221
11/11/13 8:26 A

I track them all. I'd say whether you choose to or not.... depends. Overall, it doesn't really make a difference for calories for the day, whether you eat 3 stalks of celery or just 1. Or 3 romaine leaves and not just 1. Until you've actually tracked them for at least a little while though, it would be easy to assume some vegetables haven't got so many calories.... but you could be wrong. If you went hog wild on the winter squash... or carrots.... it could make a difference.

I track them because I want to see how many servings of veg I'm having per day. I track them because I want to see how much fiber I'm consuming. And I track them to get an idea of anything that may be affecting my overall health. For example-- does cabbage make me bloat up? That kind of thing. I like a fairly complete record of what I've eaten. Although I'll admit I do not weigh romaine leaves.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
11/10/13 8:25 P

I count everything. Though, I don't fuss too much about being Exactly Precise measuring them down to the gram, as I would when measuring something calorie-dense like peanut butter.

PLATINUM755 Posts: 43,321
11/10/13 8:21 P

@AGILE and I agree...My healthy lifestyle is about more than just calories, but making sure I'm getting the nutrients needed.

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,201
11/10/13 7:43 P

i think by tracking that you can learn what foods you can really slack off on tracking because the margin of error is so small. and lettuce and celery are really great first choices for what not to bother so much about it being a cup or a stalk or a bunch so long as you aren't eating several heads a day.
but it's by tracking that you learn that things like avocado are what you really do need to measure.
and once you learn that it really depends on how tracking works best for you and why you're tracking. if you do want to make sure that you're seeing all the nutrients that you're getting in, then you need to track. if by tracking everything that you learn that you just need to cut back on non vegetable matter, have a serving of veg instead of a serving of chips [i can't name a vegetable that wouldn't save you 100 cals in that swap, even potatoes or carrots], then considering them a freebie could work for you. but it just depends on what you want out of tracking. to see everything or just to see the biggest culprits [which vegetables tend not to be].

AGILEDOBE Posts: 428
11/10/13 7:24 P

I track everything as I want to see the nutrients. not just the calories

BLUEHORSE17 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/10/13 7:19 P

Okay. I personally track mine too but I have heard a lot of people wonder why others track their calories if lettuce is only like 5 or something like that. I know potatoes should be counted, especially mashed potatoes or things like that.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,906)
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11/10/13 7:13 P

I'm not currently tracking my food but when I did I recorded veg. They have calories too, especially starchy veg and also to keep track of my vitamins/minerals, servings of veg and what I had planned out to eat for the day. I did eyeball portion sizes of veg with less cals.

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DIGIT00 Posts: 7,629
11/10/13 6:56 P

I use the food tracker and they do count the calories of the vegies.

BLUEHORSE17 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/10/13 6:49 P

Just wondering if you do or not. I know some people consider it a free food and others don't. The vegetables I'm thinking of are the lighter ones like tomatoes, celery, lettuce. I'd say carrots but I know those contain a lot of sugar as opposed to the other things they're made up of.

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