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5/21/13 11:15 A

No, should already be accounted for in your base activity level


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5/21/13 10:29 A

hi I am new to these message boards was a ww,now not), but I am sooooo excited to found spark people,i am simply amazed at all the help and people that are there for us! I wal 4.5 miles a day here in my community and about 2x a week I beach walk or walk over the Granada bridge.....I don't count this from my I feel really good, I have approx. 36 lbs to go.....hope you have a great losing day! emoticon

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5/21/13 10:21 A

If it's a walk I do regularly and would do anyway (any part of my commute), then I don't. Your body adapts to your routine, so it's prepared for those movements. If you go a new, longer route or walk up more stairs, then I'd add the additions.

Sometimes I would walk to school from work (2.25 miles) and I'd log that, since it wasn't part of any routine.

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5/20/13 6:57 P


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5/20/13 7:24 A


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5/20/13 3:44 A



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5/19/13 10:06 P


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5/19/13 9:21 P

Thanks, everyone! I appreciate your input. :)

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5/14/13 10:37 P

I do not.

I think counting "activity" calories gives people a false sense of how many calories they are burning.

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5/14/13 8:46 P

When I was aggressively losing weight (2 lbs a week) I counted my consumed calories and got a sense of my normal calorie needs based on that. In other words, I estimated food calories and watched my weight. I did not try to estimate calories burned by adding things up.

Ground truth comes from how I feel and how much I weigh. Managing a diet is a real art and a skill. I think the most important part of it is learning to interpret feelings and physical measurements (weights and inches) into an eating plan for the day. Calorie counts are just estimates.

This past weekend I did a long bike ride. I burned somewhere between 7000 and 10,000 calories. I had to preload food, eat along the way, and refuel afterward. Estimating calories burned for that might have an error of 30 or 40%. The calories in my food is similar, just an estimate.

Nailing the number of calories by adding them up, in my experience, is just about impossible. Counting calories is still very helpful (it's how I planned my eating) but it's just an approximation. Sometimes it's really close; sometimes it's way off.

But yes, I think it is helpful to count calories for things like walking - at first. It is important to calibrate the result with familiarity with one's own body.

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5/14/13 8:46 P

It's best not to. Those calories are already accounted for in the setup of your program.

Only track "exercise" on the fitness tracker. :)

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5/14/13 7:56 P

My watch has a pedometer, and I often burn 300-400 calories per day just walking around campus. I don't log those steps or calories on SP, since I don't consider them part of my exercise routine. I'm just curious to see if others do, and how that's worked out... Thanks! :)

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