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Do you count an Onion as a vegetable serving?

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Posts: 11,848
4/28/10 7:48 A

Of course, its a vegetable! Its only tubers like potatoes that dont really count as a vegetable and count as a starch.

Posts: 612
4/28/10 2:25 A


Posts: 33,498
4/28/10 1:57 A

Onion is a vegetable. Why wouldn't it be counted as a vegetable?

Garlic and chives are herbs. They are not likely to be eaten in sufficient quantities to equal a "serving" of vegetables anyway. I've never had half a cup of chives in anything. :)

But they DO have calories. If you log them, you will find they add a little to your ranges for the day.

Ultimately, whether you succeed or not at losing weight is not likely to be down to failing to correctly log the vegetables. It'll be the proteins, carbs, meats, treats, breads that make a difference or not.

Posts: 639
4/27/10 6:23 P

yes but not much I log everything I eat somethings have calories and some don't.


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Posts: 1,384
4/27/10 5:24 P


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Posts: 674
4/27/10 5:16 P

I count it. The calories are minimal, but a calorie is a calorie is a calorie!

Posts: 616
4/27/10 2:27 P

So glad you posted this question. I texted my nutritionist friend last night asking about onion, garlic and fresh chives (the greens of green onion). I've not heard from her yet, but am optimistic after reading some of the responses you've gotten. Thanks for the post!

Posts: 5,331
4/27/10 1:45 P

I count it even if you cook it until it's soft. It still has fiber and minerals and is good for you. : ) But I count lots of things, like homemade marinara sauce. My reasoning behind it is, if I make it myself and I *know* that only vegetables went into it, why wouldn't they still be veggies?

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Posts: 1,348
4/27/10 1:40 P

i do if it is not fried

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Fitness Minutes: (31,256)
Posts: 8,313
4/27/10 12:42 P

I'd have to agree with the PP. If they still have some cruch, then you can probably count it!

Posts: 204
4/27/10 12:30 P

I believe 1/2 cup raw onion is one vegetable serving. Just remember that overcooking and blanching vegetables can cause them to lose some of their vitamins. :)

Here is a helpful link.

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Posts: 841
4/27/10 12:23 P

I love onions and can eat an entire small onion with a meal. Like today, I cooked up a small onion and a small pepper and ate it in a wrap with some avocado and egg. In cases like this, can I count the onion as a vegetable serving or is it not in that grouping at all?

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