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7/28/13 10:50 A


LAURIEANDBLUE2K SparkPoints: (55,232)
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7/28/13 10:38 A

No, in fact on weigh in days if I see good results it makes me work out harder that day because I feel like all of my efforts are paying off.

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7/28/13 7:23 A


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7/28/13 12:22 A


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7/27/13 3:36 P

I used to -- if I lost a lb I would allow myself a treat only to see that lb gone AND then I'd punnish myself and eat under my calorie count or exercise like crazy. Now I just weigh once a month - it works better for me. I focus on my steps on my fitbit...that I can control

RUBENB2003 Posts: 14,837
7/27/13 3:21 P

No, but I try not to all the time

CBLENS SparkPoints: (47,498)
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7/27/13 3:10 P

no, but have been tempted

JOYCECAIN SparkPoints: (137,463)
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7/27/13 3:00 P


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7/27/13 6:32 A


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7/26/13 1:56 P


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7/26/13 1:51 P


FAITHP44 Posts: 8,583
7/26/13 1:35 P

Not usually.

I have days when I eat what I want and don't worry too much about the calories, but those days tend to be special occasions rather than weigh in days.

I might buy a treat after weighing in - like a really nice loaf of bread, but that will be part of my calorie allowance.

I guess too much binging after weighing in raises the question of 'Who am I doing this for?' If I'm doing it because it's what I want to do, I won't want to cheat just because it's weigh in day.

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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7/26/13 12:36 P

No. The scale isn't a game I'm trying to beat; it's just a tool.

FITNESSGONNABE SparkPoints: (10,580)
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7/26/13 11:36 A

Man,oh man, I used to do this all the time. Weigh in day was also grocery shopping day, so I would eat out while shopping and usually get a sweet treat too. I figured I had a whole week to undo the damage I did. But, one cheat leads to another to another to another, and it is so hard to stop that train!

Now I eat absolutely ANYTHING I want every day, BUT it HAS to fit in my calorie tracker. I don't go over my calories for the day. Of course if I eat more higher calorie foods then I have less volume and may not feel full all day. So this process has lead me to choosing more lower calorie higher volume foods so I can feel comfortable. But if I'm really wanting a certain food, I can have some of it. It is a trade off.

What this does is take the power away from the food and give it back to me, where it belongs. No food is elevated to "cheat" status or treated differently than any other food. Food is food, calories are calories, and I only have a certain number of them in a day.

This is working beautifully for me.

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7/26/13 11:05 A


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7/26/13 11:00 A


GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
7/26/13 10:39 A

It's not cheating if you're not dieting.

7/26/13 10:37 A

sometimes. but it's not exclusively related to weighing or not weighing.

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CUDDLYPOLARBEAR SparkPoints: (359,883)
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7/26/13 6:20 A


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7/26/13 3:01 A


FITZYMAX SparkPoints: (12,710)
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7/26/13 2:58 A

Rarely but it has been known!

CSKIES1 SparkPoints: (62,418)
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7/25/13 8:02 P

That is what I used to do a long time ago!
But not anymore...I am trying to make a lifestyle change and not focus on how much I lost or how fast!!

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
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7/25/13 7:57 P

I'm maintaining, so I have two regularly scheduled cheat days a month, although they're not planned around my monthly weigh-in day.

ZZYYGGY3 Posts: 2,393
7/25/13 7:27 P

I have cheat days, but not necessarily after I weigh myself though. Sometimes though I will treat myself. I think we all need treats though.

MEXGAL1 SparkPoints: (565,815)
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7/25/13 7:15 P


ROBDHINTN SparkPoints: (1,700)
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7/25/13 3:35 P

No, my weigh in motivates me to keep going.

JSLICE812 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/25/13 3:00 P

nope... just the opposite. Regardless of what the scale says, it motivates me to work harder that day.

FINDINGMYSELF33 SparkPoints: (414)
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7/25/13 2:25 P

I dont totally just blow of what i eat but i sometimes eat just alittle more than i should

SUMMIT^SEEKER Posts: 2,495
7/25/13 7:04 A


TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
7/25/13 6:12 A

No, I do not

TRYJESUS2DAY SparkPoints: (12,948)
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7/25/13 6:02 A

Absolutely not!

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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7/25/13 2:46 A

Nope, I try to treat everyday the same as the one before and the one after. I need routine to stay on track!

LEANGIRL22 SparkPoints: (24,334)
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7/25/13 12:04 A


LEANGIRL22 SparkPoints: (24,334)
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7/24/13 11:56 P


7/24/13 11:37 P


ERINTFG SparkPoints: (45,448)
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7/24/13 10:15 P

Sometimes I worry a little less on Thursdays (my weigh-in day). I'll admit it. But I don't usually go over my calorie limit.

And I don't count it as cheating, really. If I'm going to change my lifestyle then I'm going to have to have yummy treats. :)

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/24/13 10:05 P

It doesn't seem "silly" at all - I think very many of us had that habit for a long time! The problem is it's a bad habit, and I know I personally would OVER-reward myself, and the calories in were exceeding the calories out. "Oh I walked the half mile to the restaurant, I earned that double bacon cheeseburger!" or "I worked so hard today, I deserve a chocolate bar". Those were things that made me feel good at the moment, but now that I know how many calories things are "worth" and I know how hard it is to create that deficit, I just can't say that it's worth it.

I'm not saying I'm perfect, or that I don't eat too many calories sometimes, but I try hard to keep any sort of reward/punishment AWAY from my weight loss, food, and exercise.

7/24/13 8:49 P

I try to keep trigger foods out of the house too. I don't eat meat anymore exept an occasional fish or seafood. I know that it seems silly to reward yourself with food. I think it is because I try and lose and then when I do, I just think, I lost now I can cram and then get back on track. I do have to find something more appropriate for a reward. Thanks for all the suggestions. I really do appreciate them.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
7/24/13 7:42 P

I don't have a scale in my house anymore as I go by measurements and how my clothes fit. The only off limit food I have at this point is pizza as I cannot control myself around it....absolutely love thin crust pepperoni pizza and could easily eat a medium pizza, so I don't keep those types of trigger foods around.....a person can only take so much temptation.

BRATFLORIDA SparkPoints: (9,966)
Fitness Minutes: (5,665)
Posts: 309
7/24/13 6:26 P

As someone else mentioned, I don't have any 'off limits' foods, so there's no cheating involved. I eat whatever, and fit it into my calorie count for the day. I do tend to eat more in the evening because I work at a crazy pace all day long, so that's just how it works for me. I do identify with what you're saying though since I just weighed in and lost a couple pounds and I've got the urge to 'celebrate' by going to the pizza buffet, LOL! I guess it comes back to using food as a reward, and so I fully intend to have pizza for my own kitchen..portion controlled, and stay in my calorie range. It's not that I never go over, but that happens more on a real night out, because in general I'm taking a more sensible approach. The first 3 bites of ice cream taste wonderful....the tenth or fifteenth, not so much. Having everything I want within reason keeps me on track enough of the time that the occasional day where I splurge isn't going to really affect anything much!

ZIGGY122 Posts: 2,198
7/24/13 6:05 P

not lately getting the hang of this healthy lifestyle

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,620
7/24/13 5:38 P

I have eaten some portions that where not necessary needed.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,083
7/24/13 5:20 P

since no food is off limits, I can't cheat :)

DIETER27 Posts: 8,857
7/24/13 4:04 P

no I do not cheat after weigh ins. I reward myself with a non -food reward. I just bought myself a bracelet.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/24/13 3:35 P

I don't see the point in doing this - as said already, you're only cheating yourself! Time to retrain yourself that success (weight loss) doesn't necessarily mean reward (and especially not with food), and failure (gain) doesn't mean throwing out the baby with the bath water. It's simply a data point, a statistic, and should have no bearing on what you do for the rest of the day. You fully recognize that you're moving backwards and have to relose your binge.

Set some non-food goals. For example, when I've lost a certain increment of weight, I've bought a nail polish I've been coveting, or taken a day off work to do as I please, or allowed myself to start reading a book I've been wanting to read. When I lose 2 more pounds and hit my "normal" BMI, I'm buying a really nice pillow. I don't get a reward every week, and I don't get a reward just for weighing in, and I don't get rewards that will backfire on me!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
Fitness Minutes: (15,545)
Posts: 9,713
7/24/13 3:17 P

When you do this, who are you cheating?


Weighing in is not a license to eat whatever. Time to figure out WHY you're doing that, and stop. Are you depriving yourself the rest of the week? Why are you only eating what you want on certain days?

If I want something, I use my range and have it.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
7/24/13 2:44 P

Well, stop doing that!

I weigh pretty much every morning, so that would not work for me. :)

It sounds like you need to find some non-food rewards to give yourself.

7/24/13 2:13 P

Wow great weight loss. I am more determined than when I started and should not cheat on that day but maybe plan one treat instead of the whole day. My problem is one treat leads to another cheat.

GEVANS7 SparkPoints: (287,201)
Fitness Minutes: (168,458)
Posts: 2,120
7/24/13 2:08 P

I have cheat days or reward days. I have targeted most of my weight problem though and am in maintenance. When I lost the weight I had to be incredibly determined for 3 months straight. I had tried and failed to stay in the "zone" too many times. So for me, it was all or nothing in the beginning.

7/24/13 2:04 P

I have a problem in that the day I weigh in, I eat anything I want. The problem is I usually gain back a pound and then have to relose it. that is not too smart.

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