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Typically illness accompanied by fever increases your metabolic rate. Your metabolism works harder to try to regulate your body temperature. This could be what is causing your appetite spike, but you might want to be careful about eating too much acidic or spicy food. If you have some sort of virus, oranges and pizza could aggrevate intestitial problems and alter Ph. Use sugar free cough drops and frozen pops.

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9/21/08 4:49 P

Soup? Tea? Both can be pretty low calorie and soothing for the throat. I like peppermint tea when I'm sick.

They also have sugar free cough drops now. They don't taste amazing (don't taste horrible either), but they're not candy, they're cough drops.

I know that not working out is painful, especially when you've gotten into a groove and you are just knocked off of it, but you'll be better in the long run if you just let your body rest. If you really want to do something, maybe try some walking, or something else really low intensity.


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9/21/08 12:57 P

Concentrate on getting better, especially with that fever. Try to make healthy choices, but don't worry about calories & exercise until you are feeling well.

Hope you get better soon!

9/21/08 11:32 A

I've been sick over the weekend (bad sore throat, hacking cough, fever) and I'm having a lot of trouble staying in my calorie range. (Of course yesterday did not help, someone bought pizza hut!) I'm not going way over, only like 40-100 calories.

The main problem is I am hungry and craving all the time. I want a lot of "comfort food" but mostly things like oranges, peppermint candy, and frozen pops for my throat and the cough.

The worst part of it is that I haven't exercised since Thursday even though I really want to. I wanted to go on a run today but I'm afraid I'll make my cough worse.

Any suggestions on low-calorie help for my cough?
Should I run? Today I have no fever and my throat seems okay, but I keep coughing and coughing.

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