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5/24/11 2:32 A

I do occasioanlly, if you want to look over my blog history, any foods blogs are marked Food Blog: at the title.

I do enjoy making them and looking at others!

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5/23/11 8:29 A

No, but I love it when people do that.

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5/16/11 7:24 A

I don't have the picture food logs but i do log my food and have it public ! I love the picture ones and always looking for new recipes healthy and lo-calorie ! If anyone has some easy ones i'd appreciate them sharing them with me thru sparkmail or whatever ! I want to lose 10 more lbs but been trying faithfully for 6 months and can't get the weight to move but i am happy i am eating right and more active ! Thank you for this topic i subscribed to it so i could get others picture food blogs ! emoticon

The Lord is my strength and i know i can do better with the Lords help. The Lord laid it on my heart to start a team called GOD ANSWERS PRAYER AND I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ANYBODY THAT WANTS HELP TO LOSE THEIR WEIGHT TO JOIN . I KNOW I CAN'T DO THIS WITHOUT THE LORDS HELP !
5/15/11 10:04 A

Hello! Yes, I do have a food blog. I have several Cooking Light recipes and WW Friendly recipes on my blog along with photos. I have been blogging since December 2007. I lost over 100 pounds over a two year time frame and in 2007 decided it was not only time to start recording recipes and family events but find a way to enjoy my passion for food in a way other than I used to. I am working on losing another 15 pounds - which I had gained back in the last year - and am back here on SP for the help. My blog is The Life & Loves of Grumpy's Honeybunch.

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5/13/11 10:11 P


I recently started a food blog where I will take pictures of the recipe as im making it and then post a picture of the finished product. I was wondering if anyone else has a food blog with pictures? If so, please add me! I would love to try other peoples recipes and see what other peoples dishes turn out looking like :) Thanks!!!

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