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8/19/10 11:53 A

Cheap hotel ball point pens is the writting instrument of choice.

MALLEUSMIKE Posts: 1,006
8/19/10 9:35 A

Waterman is my fountain pen of choice.

BLUEANDGOLD57 Posts: 1,081
5/1/10 4:48 P


ROCKER1956 Posts: 380
4/15/10 6:03 P


4/15/10 1:39 P

Like them but they get taken too often. Our dean here uses a VERY nice wooden fountain pen

CARPER3 Posts: 379
4/15/10 4:21 A


CARPER3 Posts: 379
4/14/10 5:40 A


ROCKER1956 Posts: 380
4/9/10 10:20 A


CARPER3 Posts: 379
4/9/10 6:38 A


RDURHAM0520 Posts: 194
4/7/10 3:55 P

I use whatever pen I last picked up at the bank or somewhere. I am a terrible pen thief. Don't let me use one you'll probably never get it back.

DLCJ21 Posts: 1,721
4/7/10 3:43 P

I've never used a fountain pen...I've seen one but never used one. A coworker of mine used to use them all the time.

I don't really like writing in pen, since I'm an engineer at heart, we use pencils :P and like a previous poster said, with everything being electronic, we don't have to write much anymore other than to sign our names on checks and debit/credit card receipts :)

LWLYWRM67 Posts: 359
4/7/10 2:35 P

No. Skillcraft government pens only.
Which is good because they kind of suck.

SANDMANBORKY SparkPoints: (10)
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Posts: 423
4/6/10 12:26 P

BICs are cheap and for some reason they write better than pens 3 to 4 times the price! $$$

MK1259 Posts: 10
4/2/10 10:37 A

Nope. I use a bic. It just seems easier

CARPER3 Posts: 379
3/31/10 5:24 A


VINCECANOVA SparkPoints: (6,620)
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Posts: 130
3/31/10 1:50 A

I use a keyboard

PENDOOD Posts: 3
3/28/10 6:26 P

Yep. Use, restore, collect. Today, I'm carrying a 1940's striped Duofold (green/brown) and a Sheaffer Vac-Fil of the same vintage with a chrome cap and triumph nib. Restored both of these myself in the past month. I'd rather leave my watch at home than a pen or two.

CARPER3 Posts: 379
3/28/10 5:34 A


LARSIL Posts: 942
3/27/10 11:50 P

Used to -- a neat fountain pen with a bright blue ink was my signature in more ways than one. They got too messy, though -- now I use ballpoints.


JOSOP2009 Posts: 1,273
3/27/10 9:08 P

I've used the Varsity. It is nice for a disposable, but still doesn't come close to my Parker.

HINEZEE Posts: 43
3/27/10 9:05 P

I use to use them all the time but with work and those things we type on I generall stopped writing and even making notes. My hand writing has gone bonkers, but would love to write with one again.

3/27/10 6:10 P

an amazing fountain pen is the disposable "Varsity"

CARPER3 Posts: 379
3/27/10 5:53 A


BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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Posts: 4,114
3/27/10 4:57 A

Never thought I'd see 'badass' and 'fountain pen' in the same sentence.


SRSAMSON SparkPoints: (26,970)
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Posts: 823
3/26/10 11:23 A

My handwriting style doesn't work very well with fountain pens, or at least the ink that most of them use. It's too slopy as it is and a fountian pen seems to make it worse.

3/26/10 10:56 A

My all time FAVORITE pen are those U.S.Government black clickers with the double silver bands.
Love those!

MANDMDAD Posts: 550
3/26/10 10:51 A

I used one for years, but about 5 years ago my wife bought me a Mont Blanc rollerball for Christmas that I have fallen in love with. So much easier to write with and just as smooth.

DELRIO1 Posts: 6,441
3/26/10 10:27 A

haven't for years...pain to use

3/26/10 10:03 A

I LOVE fountain pens but am horrible at leaving them in my pants pockets and then washing my clothes with it in there.


3/26/10 10:01 A

I regularly use Parker 51 and Parker 21. Also have a badass Rotring Core and Parker 21-deskset. Fountain pens are classic!

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