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Do You Shiver When You Eat Ice Cream?

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5/4/13 1:13 P

When I weighed 100 happened all the time. Also, my lips turned blue. This was especially true if I was in an air conditioned room. Without the insulating effects of fat, we small people are often prone to getting chills.

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5/4/13 6:48 A

No but I do get a brain freeze if I eat it to fast emoticon

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5/4/13 5:07 A

I would imagine that if you are eating it in cold weather, it could cause you to shiver. Also, because there isn't much of you, it is quite likely that eating something as cold as that - especially if the serving isn't too small - would cause your core temperature to drop a bit, which in turn could affect the rest of you.


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5/3/13 10:40 P

Not shivering, but I do get colder. You're changing your core temperature, so it's natural to have a reaction to that. I've also got a whole lot more blubber than you. ;)

My oldest child has the same problem; she's very slim (if I had to guess at her BFP, it's very low indeed. She looks like skin hanging on bones.

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5/3/13 9:09 P

Is it normal to shiver and get cold when you eat ice cream? My nails turned purple!

I gained 10 pounds so i'm not underweight anymore. Does it happen to anybody else?

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