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5/3/12 4:58 P

merci for the posts, but MPLANE , i do not agree, because in the dark ages (b 4 laptops) people had to resolve problems, using what ever tools or relationships they had. I think people now, stay plugged in to escape into a world of wires ... really, look at the hours spent on the computer that could be used - sharing with a neighbor over cafe , taking the dog for a long walk .. i think its a good thing, to unplug; especially with children in the home; emoticon

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3/19/12 12:26 P

na always plugged in

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3/19/12 12:24 P

We unplug Internet mainly for our teenage sons' sake. Otherwise they would play PS3 MW3 endlessly.

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3/19/12 12:05 P

BONNIEBONNEAU: That is a known technique of finding a creative solution to a difficult problem. You stay away from it for a while, and then you come back and try to solve it. Every time you do this, you come with a different point of view. You continue doing this until you get to the right point of view that yields a feasible solution. However, this does not require you to cut out all interaction, in fact just the opposite, because you would benefit from the experience in other interaction to solve the original problem. If you stop every activity, your chances of coming up with a different point of view will diminish considerably.

BONNIEBONNEAU SparkPoints: (33,432)
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3/18/12 6:22 P

ty for your posts, i mean by unplugging, is no computer and no chit chat on phone, i have found, sometimes, getting space from a problem, like a day , can give me a better idea on how to deal with it.

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3/12/12 2:20 A

If by unplugging you mean cellphones and internet etc.

I honestly don't think I could manage turning off my cell phone for a day as it is my only real time source, I don't use watches. So basically my cell phone is a pocket watch for me... most of the time I don't answer it though. I just communicate with my boyfriend on it while he's away at work for the day, and make appointments with it. Besides that I don't speak to anyone I don't want to... so it causes me no stress.

The internet I use to goof off on and watch hulu on so I really get no stress from that...

The only 'stress' in my life right now is making appointments, going to appointments, and things I really cannot avoid for my 1 month old.

BILBYGIRL Posts: 980
3/12/12 1:09 A

No but I have considered that it would be good to be doing a lot less plugging in. I think it plays havoc with my arthritis and it stops me from being out in the world. Thanks for the reminder

3/12/12 12:52 A


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3/11/12 10:54 P

I don't shy away from what stresses me that's putting my head in the sand..

1. stress over my bills- contact my bank
2. stress over my coworks or clients- take a chat with my boss whom is a personal coach by profession
3. stress over my boyfriend- sit him down and talk it out with him- may not be me that is the problem find out why his is being a crap..
4. stress over a series of events- well some of the stuff is just the cycle of life..

What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger.. I am paid as a free lance resthome helper to go out and make order in elderly sick and dying peoples life so they can continue to live in own home..

I have survived burying a diabetic husband- changes my ways
I have survived having two ADHD teenagers- they both educations and working towards own flats..
I confront stuff and find solutions- unplugging means when I plug in again the problems are still sitting there when I return..

I am good at unplugging as also have ADHD and aspergers (autism the average man on the street can have some degree of ignoring things or not hearing stuff said, as my oldest boys head doctor at the mental hospital quoted)..

I unplug with exercise churn problems until I find solutions.. I also found out lossing weight won't give me a better option of my self if I don't solve some of the other stuff that stinks around myself..

As for people around me and their problems- they make choices I will to no longer take on their worries or problems- I have enough of my own!

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GARDENDIVA2 Posts: 612
3/11/12 3:26 P

I try to not get too plugged in in the first place. I have one computer on my desk at the office and one on my desk at home. The one at home only gets turned on when I need to look something up. I don't have a smart phone and if I don't feel like answering the phone I don't. My phone is always in my purse. Never on the table or in my hand unless I am talking on it.

As short as 10 years ago we did not have all of this technology so I am not convinced that I need it all to exist. Yes it is convenient but not necessary.

A bunch of friends were getting together one day and one of the younger gentlemen noted that he didn't know how we would have done it without cell phones. 15 years ago we could make plans and know that the other person would be there unless they called the day prior.

BONNIEBONNEAU SparkPoints: (33,432)
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3/11/12 3:04 P

I have been "unplugging " , a day a week , as a rule . If I feel more stress, then I may unplug for 2 days..does anyone else do this ? emoticon

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