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5/4/12 5:15 A

I am also curious about this because I am going to school the end of this summer to study to be a nutritionist. I am very interested in health and diet in American Society and I started to look at the way that I eat and live my life from a day to day basis.
Here is the low down; I love to eat! I love to eat raw most of the time (i.e. raw fruits veggies) I love oatmeal, Eze 4.9 bread and whole grain organic cereals. I love MEAT! I eat lean meats and seafood and I drink almond milk cause I can't process Lactose. I work out daily. Some days more than others and I lead a very healthy life. Very little caffeine and multi vits plus others on the side like iron and D everyday! I don't like extra sauces and added sugars. I like the way the Earth made things I guess you could say :)
I do however know that going out or having a drink or eating out is ok and there is no guilt or strange feelings about food/drink.
My question is...
I have been keeping track of my calorie intake and fitness log daily for about three months.
I burn around 1200 and over calories a day (includes sleeping but not organ calorie burn to function) and I eat around 800 to 1000 depending. I AM NEVER HUNGRY. I snack all day long and I eat wholesome foods. I have been reading about how diets should be higher on the scales for calories and the minimum should be around 1200 for a woman my size but... I don't want to force myself to eat just to eat. If I am hungry I eat, if I'm not... should I make myself? Is that healthy? I don't see ANYTHING wrong with the way I eat and live... I just don't want to be doing more unseeable harm than good.

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4/30/12 11:55 A

Oh this is an awesome topic to post about! I am 21 years old, 5 foot 1 inch and I have a very small frame... well I am in college, and i can honestly say I have eaten a lot from stress, and just bad habit (like getting pizza with friends or late night snacks after the bar ;) ). I'm on here because I would like to lose about 5 pounds. Not a monumental amount of weight, but its what I have gained and I'd feel more confident and healthy if I got back down to my freshman year weight.
I personally have tried eating a very low amount of calories...anywhere from 500 to 900 and find that after about the third day I binge...and I mean REALLY binge. We're talking eat everything in site! I have upped my calories to 1200...and coupled with 45 minutes of exercise per day I will have a 700 calorie deficit...enough to lose around a pound and a half a week. I'm going to stick with this too because 1200 doesn't deprive me or cause me to binge like I did on a VLC diet. I just started yesterday so of course I have not seen the progress yet...but I am curious to see how this goes:)

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4/11/12 11:51 A

I am in total agreement with LISHWA. Before I began my "program" (I hate calling it a diet), I rarely ate ANYTHING for breakfast and thought I could lose weight by practically starving myself. I ended up "cheating" and snacking on foods that were not healthy. Eating increases metabolism; skipping meals shuts down or at least slows metabolism.

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4/11/12 11:32 A

I'm 5'0 and I actually gained weight because I was trying to watch what I was eating and ate under 1200. Mind you this was signficantly under. I was getting only about 600-800 calories a day because I ate when I was hungry and tried to avoid high-calorie foods and large portions. This was no excercise also. I think if you're going a little under it might not be hurt, but the minimum is set there for a reason it's what your body needs to stay healthy. I've lost 30lbs over the past year eating between 1200-1550 and exercising semi-regularly ( more consistantly in the past two months)

ETA: I am by no means an expert this is just my experience that eating 1200 hasn't slowed me down any.

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4/11/12 10:36 A

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. It has been one day shy of a month, and I have lost 9 pounds. I've divided my weight loss into mini and major goals. The first mini goal was to lose 5 pounds by the end of the second week, the first major goal is to lose 10 pounds by my 60th birthday next week. My next mini goal is to lose another 5 pounds by the end of April, and the next major goal is to lose a total of 20 pounds by the end of May. I figure the fastest weight loss happens at the beginning and slows as one reaches their final goal. I did discover that not reaching that 1200 calorie goal actually slowed my weight loss. Duh. I guess what the experts say is true. I have one BIG focus. We are having a house built and expect to close by the first or second week in June. In December we sold a house we had lived in for 21 years, as well as raising 5 daughters. Yes, we all survived. Packing was horrendous. I was constantly out of breath and exhausted. I already have so much more energy and stamina. Unpacking in the new house will be so much easier. Sorry for being so wordy, but to answer your question: consistency and setting goals. You can do this!!!!!

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4/10/12 8:35 P

@AILEBBELIA ~Wow how long did it take you to get to where you are hun? I'm new to this lol but I would love to get almost to where you are. I'm 4' 11" as well and I've wondered the same thing. I have cut out all sodas (which is VERY good for me since i used to drink at least 2 a day lol) I have started jumping rope (I have worked my way up to 40 mins a day =D) I keep losing then gaining and it's getting kinda frustrating. But I will keep going until I get it right!

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3/13/12 9:35 A

The calorie level SP has set for me is 1200 - 1550. Considering what I've eaten all my life and looking back over my eating the week prior to SP, I've probably always eaten less than that. I am short: 4'11". My current exercise is walking 30 minutes each day. Before I retired in June, I taught high school for 32 years. I was on my feet all day, but it wasn't constant walking. The difference in my diet is that I WILL eat a healthy breakfast EVERY day and cut out beef to once a week and fast food almost entirely. We shall see what happens after a week.

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3/13/12 12:40 A

I posted a reponse on your other thread.


Could you share some more info? How long have you been eating at the 1500-1800 range? What kind of exercise are you doing and how often? Are you short too?


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3/12/12 10:02 P

I've only been with SP for a couple of days. I am 59, weigh 130, and am only 4'11". I have eaten "unhealthy" all my life. I NEVER ate breakfast, unless we were on a trip, ate lots of beef (grew up on a Texas ranch), and potatoes with butter and sour cream was about my only vegetable. I've gained about a pound a year over the past 20 years, and I've decided to turn things around. Now I am eating much more healthy and walking briskly 30 minutes a day. I'm eating a healthy breakfast every morning and have vowed to not eat beef more than once a day. So here's my problem. Logging my nutrition, I have yet to hit 1200. I'm not hungry and can't understand how I will lose weight eating more than I've ever eaten in my life. HELP

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3/12/12 8:43 P

ok so far i been doing 1500 to 1800, doing excise ,and still i have not lost weight why????
thank u

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3/3/12 3:17 P

You could get a body fat test to determine if you want to lose more weight. BMI isn't going to be very accurate if you do strength training and lifting heavy weight/objects/


When did this become a Golden Rule?

"if I'm hungry, I eat and if I'm not, I don't.'

I hardly ever got hungry back when I weighed 90 pounds. Maybe, it was because I was losing muscle mass... Also, there are some medical conditions that cause loss of appetite and people with anorexia are notorious for not being able to distinguish hunger cues.

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3/3/12 2:03 P

I'm 5'3" and I started on the 1500-1800 range on Spark. At first I lost 5 pounds really fast, then nothing. But I stopped gaining. When I got on Spark, at first I monitored a few days just the way I was eating to find out what my eating habits were. I found that although I wasn't eating crazy excessively, I was doing about 1200 then 1900 every other day. I began to plan my meals and snacks, and got every day evened out to a 1500-1600 range. What I don't know now, is Do I even need to lose more weight? I look great and am at 141 (26 yrs old). I used to be 122 at age 16, after being 130 at age 12. BUT over the past couple of years I have worked lifting boxes up to 75lbs and other good hard work, and now I have biceps that I can feel and see. How do I even know if I need to lose more weight, or if its just awesome muscle?

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2/25/12 11:08 P

I find this topic very interesting because I am also a petite woman (5' 2") and my goal was to lose 20 lbs yet SP has me at 1500-1800 calories per day (but also to burn 560 calories per week) so SP has me at significantly higher calories than most of the petite women on this list. I know that at my current weight, I need to eat ~1800 calories per day just to maintain so the upper limit of my caloric count doesn't quite seem to make sense to me. I usually eat 1500-1600 calories per day and I find this is the perfect amount to make me feel full, meet my nutrient needs, and to help me lose weight. I also exercise almost every day; usually 30 min per day and I burn ~200-300 calories. I have read on SP that you need a caloric deficit of ~3500 calories/week to lose 1 lb a week. So between eating less and exercising, I am meeting that 3500 calorie mark. I also have been doing a lot more strength training. So far I have lost 10 lbs and 1 inch off my waist, and dropped 1% body fat in 7 weeks.

In the past when I have dieted (pre-SP) and I used to eat 1200-1350 calories per day, it took FOREVER for me to lose any weight. As soon as I started eating more (greater than 1500), I started to lose 1-2 lbs per week. I don't know how the women who are eating 900 calories a day are doing it. I'd be starving, lose no weight, and be extremely lethargic. 900 calories a day just doesn't seem healthy to me. I'm also 31 so I don't know if age is playing a factor here.

I go by the rule though that if I'm hungry, I eat and if I'm not, I don't.

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2/21/12 9:03 P

MANDAHNOEL09, why do you think 1200 to 1500 is high? It's's actually on the low side. Maybe you should look up how much you were consuming to get to your curent weight as well as how much you will consume at your goal weight in order to have a better grasp on really does help keep perspective. Less isn't better; less just starves your body of nutrients.

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2/21/12 8:54 P

nevermind...old post

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2/21/12 8:24 P

@HOLISTICDETOXER I currently weigh the same as you did when you started and I really want to get down to about 135. I really want to continue to tone up. According to sparkpeople I should be eating 1200-1500 cals per day, but I think that's a bit high. Can you tell me what you did to loose all your weight?

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1/21/12 12:32 P

Oops, I answered the original post without realizing it was old. Never mind.

To the 5 foot tall 46-year-old-- We're the same height and age, and I can't lose on 1500 calories without exercise. In fact, I can't lose on any calorie amount without exercise. They say that weight loss "80 percent diet and 20% exercise," and that's probably true for young, average-sized people. For us small women in middle age, it's closer to 50/50. Our maintenance calories are around 1500, so it's hard to cut enough calories from diet to make much of a difference. That means we have to be extra-careful to make all of our calories count so we can go down to 1200-1300 without getting sick. There's no room for empty calories. But even then, we're only cutting enough calories to lose about 1/3 pound a week. That's like watching a tree grow-- it happens, but you can't see it from week to week. We need to burn some extra calories if we're going to lose fast enough to see it happen.

Start doing some sort of exercise. Walking is great. An hour walk every day is a good start. Once you've gotten into that habit, you can try something more strenuous if you want, but you can also lose a significant amount of weight without really breaking a sweat if you'll do moderate exercise long enough.

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1/21/12 12:18 P


It's not a good idea to make changes to your calorie based on ONE the results of one week. I am also short 5'1. I think we have to accept that we are not going to lose weight like the biggest losers. .0.5-1 pound seems more reasonable. Weight loss does not always happen on a decline slope.

Also, give your body time. I increased my calorie range from a couple hundred calories to the 1800-2000 range and I gained water weight etc.. and freaked out! But I kept eating at the higher calorie range and my weight has been steady.

Keep up all your hard work!!

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1/21/12 11:59 A

There's more to life than weight and calories. Are you able to plan out a week of meals in the 1000-calorie range that meet all of your nutritional needs? Calcium? Iron? Fiber? Vitamin C? Protein?

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1/21/12 11:48 A

I'm 5" and have been at 1500 cal for about 1wk. I am not exercising yet. I gained 1lb. I thought I was going to lose, so now would like to know what others my ht, wt, and age(46) are doing or what they've done that has been successful for them.

8/11/11 4:29 P

I'm 5'3 and it says that I need about that many calories. I've increased my exercise and I get that red message stating that I'm eating too little for the amount I'm exercising. I guess I need to fix it and see what it says I should eat. BTW I've finally lost 4 pounds so I'm happy right now!

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8/11/11 2:16 P

I'm 5'1 and a bit, and somedays I barely make 900 and some days I eat 1300. That's what the ranges are for! The basic thing I would go for is that if you are hungry, eat. If not, go and workout...that'll make you hungry! And everybody is different!

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8/11/11 2:09 P

I am 5"3" I ate 1500 calories in the lossing phase and up to 2300 calories on busy days on maintaince.. I have a busy job and had to amp up the exercise to keep things in balance.. I can't live on 1200 calories for life that gives to little calories to make variety..

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8/10/11 3:41 P

You will need to experiment a little.
Monitor your weight and your calories will quickly learn the range that you should stay in on most days to maintain weight.
Dietitian Becky

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8/10/11 3:32 P

I'm 5' 4 1/2" and I ate around 1200-1350 calories on average to lose 45 pounds. Now that I'm at my goal weight I eat around 1500 because I'm not sure how many calories to eat to maintain.

I haven't gained on that yet but wondering if I can up it a little bit.

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8/10/11 2:16 P

I totally agree with you, LakersKB about eating only when you are hungry. I try very hard not to eat if I'm not hungry, and to eat something healthy if I am hungry. I don't succeed 100% of the time. But I do think that it's very important to listen to your own body. Keeping track of calories and nutrients is very helpful, but I think it's important to remember, like others have said, that no matter how precise you are about weighing and measuring your food, the numbers you enter are always an estimate because the numbers food manufacturers list are averages of a range of possible calories, not definite. I would imagine that even unprocessed foods of the same weight vary--2 different chicken breasts probably have slightly different fat:protein ratios, 2 different apples probably have slightly different fiber:sugar ratios, and therefore slightly different amounts of calories. Above all, listen to your body.

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8/10/11 1:03 P


Have you gotten your thyroid tested?

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8/10/11 12:26 P

I myself have wondered about the 1200 cal a day. I need to eat 900 a day to see any results. Going with 1200 would be a very slow weight loss process for me...maybe a pound or two a month. As long as I am not tired and am eating balanced foods I try to keep it between 900 and 1000.

8/10/11 12:23 P

MY MD told me once the only true way to measure body fat is by placing yourself in the water and have it calibrated that way. she did that once and what she found out surprised even her. in order for her to maintain her current wt - without exercise she could only eat about 900 calories per day. who would have thought?

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8/10/11 12:20 P

i am 5 feet even and have a lot of weight to lose, but the thing about spark that I am finding a little bit more successful for me versus weight watchers is that they do have me eating 1200-1550 calories a day .... weight watchers had me eating 2200 or something according to their point system and it was totally frustrating because I wouldn't lose any weight while my weight watcher companions were just speeding thru their diets. So, while here I am trying to stay in the 1200-1350 range and do more exercise and I am still in the early part of my diet, but I am having some luck! and I'm happy

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8/10/11 12:07 P

I know this is an older post, but it's a topic I'm interested in right now. I'm 5'2" and 114 pounds, within my goal weight. (My other "goal" measurement (for me) is that I REFUSE to wear anything larger than a Size 4!). Anyway . . . when I was losing weight, I averaged about 1.5 pounds a week. Generally, I ate about 1000 calories a day, and I was maintaining a good activity level -- doing Zumba, Slim-in-6, walking, etc. I have farm chores that I do twice a day. I walk, I run, I've been doing 5Ks now to keep myself motivated (and loving it). But, I know that if I go much over 1200-1400 calories a day, I gain weight. Sorry, but that's me, that's my metabolism, that's my body. I rarely feel hungry. I feel healthy, I think I have good nutruition . . . eat tons of fresh fruit & veggies. I'm a small person, my Mom was a small person, her sisters were/are small (I have no sisters). So, am I crazy -- to feel like I just have to plan that 1200-1400 calories is about where I need to be?

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9/15/10 6:11 P

I am short, and not always hungry enough to eat 1200, I admit.

What I've found is that I *average* at between 1200-1300 calories for the week, even if I don't make it to 1200 calories every day, because some days I am just hungrier and eat more. And as is repeated on this site many places, differential over time is far more important than daily, so I feel okay that some days I don't get "enough" calories.

However, if you are eating under 1200 you have to be SUPER careful each day that you're getting all the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients you need. It means you probably don't have as much room in your diet for ANY empty calories as someone eating more. Everything you eat will need to be nutrient dense. Make sure your carb/fat/protein percentages are in the correct ranges.

You really should work closely with a dietician if you are thinking of eating less than 1200. This is not something you should do on your own, because you risk malnutrition.

Also, I agree that you shouldn't be going by your weight at this point. I, too, am within my healthy weight for BMI. However, my *body fat percentage* is higher than I want it to be, and fitness level is lower, so that is what I am working on, not my weight, specifically. A change in body fat percentage even without losing weight, and getting toned will make an amazing difference on how the weight looks on your frame.

9/15/10 5:37 P

Yes and no. My asian relatives do eat less. But they also make sure they are seeing a nutritionist because 1200 is one of those numbers based not just on cals, but on the range of foods you need to get all your vitamins, proteins and fats in.

So my asian friends who are trying to diet, while they eat less, they eat far more healthily. virtually no sweets, ever. no empty carbs (cept rice), etc.

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9/15/10 5:34 P

I'm 5ft 2, similar weight to you, and i feel bad when i eat over 1500 calories. For those of you eating at maintenance level (2000 + calories), dont you guys feel bloated or full? What kind of things do you eat?

9/15/10 4:23 P

A few things....
I understand your desire to be at a lower weight, since you report having a smaller frame. HOWEVER, you are already at a healthy weight and BMI. SO, your next step is to find out your percentage body fat. If you are at a toned muscle, and healthy body fat, then you are already at a healthy weight. You may want to check with a fitness center or hospital to see if this service is available.

AND yes, I do use a lower calorie range for some women. Usually they are more in the 4'8 to 5'0" height, etc. BUT it does require more care with menu planning and food selections.

I doubt that you should go lower than 1200. If weight loss is appropriate for you, you will have to realize that 1/4 pound lost weekly, is realistic and appropriate.

Dietitian Becky

BLUEPLATE Posts: 655
9/15/10 2:49 P

As others have said, it's more about nutrition than calories. People who eat 1200 then burn 300 are still getting the nutrients from those 1200 calories.

My maintenance range to stay at about 117 (I'm 5'2") is 1300-1600.

I hear you about 10 pounds looking big on a small frame. I had friends roll their eyes when I complained about gaining 10 pounds because I was still in the 120s, which sounds so low to people, but 10 pounds was 8% of my body weight!

LEANNE0024 Posts: 667
9/15/10 2:39 P

I'm only 5 ft, and right at 100 lbs. I actually was eating under 1200 a lot of times when I first lost some weight. But after reaching my goal, and going under it, I realized that I can't spend every day for the rest of my life at under 1200 calories a day. So for the past 2 months or so, I probably average at 1700. I eat on the lower side Sun-Thurs, and don't track at all Fri or Sat, and I know I eat at least 2,000 calories those days. And I have been maintaining with doing this, and it feels much better than eating under 1200 calories. I know it doesn't seem that bad while your doing it, but unless it's something you can stick with forever, it might not be the best idea. But that's just my suggestion, good luck with whatever you choose!!

GIGI9585 Posts: 65
9/15/10 2:32 P

Thanks for the responses. I'm reading the Coach Dean thing and it makes sense. I did not know manufacturers were allowed a 20% error in reporting calories. If that's true, I may have been eating more than my calorie max this whole time, which may be why I'm not losing any weight. BTW, 101 isn't my goal, 105 is, but I'm just saying 113 lbs is heavier than I want to be for my height.

MCSB406 Posts: 221
9/15/10 2:25 P

I'm 5'2" and 117 right now. My calorie range has been about 1200-1500 per SP recommendations, and I've dropped about 4 pounds since starting. I feel hungry if I eat fewer than 1200 calories. Also, fewer calories can put your body into starvation mode with really slows down your metabolism. That will stop weight loss all together. There are lots of nutrients that you need from food (that you can't get in a vitamin), and fewer than 1200 calories often does not support your nutritional needs.
Make sure that your fitness goals are correct in SP. When I had a goal of working out 30 min/3days a week, my calories were 1200-1500. I just readjusted to 5 days of cardio or 1500 calories burned per week, and my calorie requirement went up to about 1300-1600. Because I'm burning more calories per week, I need more nutrition to support that.
Another thing to remember too is that muscle weighs more than fat. Weight is just a number, and being healthy is more important. 10 pounds does make a difference on a small frame, but my goals are to strengthen and slim down. I've noticed that although my weight has stayed the same for the last week, I'm noticing more definition in my waist, my shoulders, and my arms. I look leaner and smaller, and my clothes fit better, but number wise, the scale hasn't changed. And that's ok. :)

9/15/10 2:11 P

I just want to note that 1200 is NOT the minimum for everyone -- I'm 5'9 and even when I was thinner, there's NO WAY that it would be possible for me to survive on only 1200 calories/day. I've tried it -- the first day I'm just hungry, the second day I'm light-headed, and by the third day I'm very very unhappy. So for bigger and taller women (especially younger women with faster metabolisms) the minimum is absolutely HIGHER than 1200.

CHEWIEKIKI Posts: 3,170
9/15/10 2:05 P

Sure, you can eat less if you have a slow metabolism due to inactivity. In fact, it would make sense.

But if you want to actually be healthy, then you have to exercise - which will eventually force you to eat. The healthier and more active you are, the more you will have to eat to maintain your weight.

Plus, a 5'8" woman weighing 130 eating 1200 calories a day to maintain (without working out) is probably bigger than a woman weighing the same but working out enough to require 2500 calories a day.

I'd rather be smaller and eat more yummy food. The only missing ingredient (for me recently) has been activity.

AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
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9/15/10 2:00 P

If you get down to 101 at 5'2 your BMI will be considered underweight at 18.3. Maybe you could try to change your goal from trying to get to your pre-freshman/high school weight to just tonning up?

Scroll way, way down this link to read what Coach Dean has to say about the Myths of Starvation Mode. I think the most important thing to remember is that if you reduce your calories below your given range, your metabolic rate drops. This makes it harder to lose weight.

I'm 5'1 and my range is 1,700- if I exercise that number goes higher.

Good luck!!!

XANADU1 Posts: 58
9/15/10 1:57 P

If you are eating ice cream just to get yourself to 1200 calories what's the point? Eat healthy food that will boost your nutrition, allow yourself to eat a bit less than 1200 calories on some days but not every day and relax.

Personally I don't rely too heavily upon the accuracy of calorie counting. For example, I just ate a large banana, listed at 140 calories. That is a guesstimate--it could be 120 calories or 160 calories. My favorite frozen dinner is listed at 320 calories but manufacturers are legally allowed to be 20% off so is it 384 calories, 256 calories, or somewhere inbetween. These two examples alone cause a calorie count variance from 276 to 544. By the way, when I eat the frozen dinner and list the items separately, it comes out at 460 calories.

I seek balance instead of extremes, I do not starve myself and I try to listen to my body. If I am in the ballpark of 1200 calories, preferably under, then I am happy. Oh, and I am 5'8" and definitely not petite, nor am I active.

718GEMINI Posts: 471
9/15/10 1:56 P

I'm no expert and I can't speak for everyone, but I'm 4'10" and I certainly do. Actually, I rarely eat that little, I'm usually at the high end of my range (umm, or a wee bit over, lol). I just don't think 1200 is too high- ESPECIALLY if you're working out. Do you pay attention to all of your nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc), not just calories, carbs, proteins and fats? I'm curious whether you'd hit the minimums if you were eating less than 1200.

HOT4FITNESS Posts: 2,745
9/15/10 1:43 P

Yes, 1200 ins the minimum you should be eating

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
9/15/10 1:42 P

I've seen responses from the spark experts that said that under 1200 calories a day, a woman cannot get all the nutrients, vitamins, etc that are needed to maintain a healthy body.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (194,388)
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9/15/10 1:37 P

I am the exact same height and weight as you and I maintain on 2300 cals a day. I'd starve to death on 1200.

LAKERSKB24 Posts: 329
9/15/10 12:32 P

I know this will be a VERY unpopular opinion, so take it for what it's worth, but I never eat if i'm not actually hungry. I think that was the mentality that got me to where I was to begin with!

I'm 5'0 and 108 pounds(lost 20 pounds and in the middle of the healthy range of BMI now), so I'm petite too. And like you said, some days, you're just not that hungry and I think that's OK as long as it doesn't happen all the time or you're purposely starving yourself. I say listen to your body is the most important thing. I know when I'm eating too little or too much now.

When I lost the weight, I was eating around 1200 and burning maybe 300/400 at an exercise session(maybe 5 times a week). That's what worked for me, and I was never feeling starving or anything. Most important thing is keeping it off now! And I've kept it off, and been able to eat more than 1200 and have actually decreased my exercise quite a bit too!

LOVELYLANA9 Posts: 2,163
9/15/10 12:30 P

I think eating below 1,200 calories puts your body into starvation mode. I'm 5 3 1/2 and I definitely need at least 1,200 calories.

GIGI9585 Posts: 65
9/15/10 12:26 P

I've been relatively careful not to go under 1200 calories/day if I can help it, but sometimes I feel like I would see more results faster if I could. I just don't understand how EVERYONE has a minimum calorie intake of 1200 Calories a day. I'm 5'2, 113 lbs, and I'd like to get to get closer to 100. Even 101 lbs is still on the low side of a Healthy BMI for someone of my size (right now I'm on the high side), and an extra 10 lbs is really noticeable on a small frame like mine. If losing weight is really a Calories In/Calories Out game and if I don't feel hungry after consuming 1,000 calories in a day, why can't I just eat that? Who decided 1200 was the magical minimum? And what about the people who eat 1200 and then burn 300 on the treadmill everyday? Why isn't that unhealthy? How is a calorie deficit only okay when you eat, then burn, instead of just eating less?

Usually when I plan my diet for the day I end up at around 950 calories, then I add in some peanut butter, nuts, or ice cream as a snack to get me up to 1200. But I could totally do without the snack, I'm wondering if I should.

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