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LOUIE-LILY Posts: 5,239
8/9/13 9:41 A

I know I do. I think it depends on your workouts.

SPARK921 Posts: 3,353
8/9/13 9:36 A

Thanks! I feel better knowing that swimming and yoga are kind of "rest". :-) If I keep losing I won't worry about resting more and cutting out the fun stuff or eating more.

Pool opens at 11 a.m. and I don't work on Fridays so I'm going to be there. emoticon

HHB4181 SparkPoints: (83,738)
Fitness Minutes: (38,083)
Posts: 3,203
8/8/13 9:09 P

yes. if not a rest day, a take it easier day.

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (264,881)
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Posts: 11,567
8/8/13 6:36 P

It's a personal preference, OTHER THAN if you do FULL BODY strength training. Then you need to give your musclese time to recover, so at least 1 day in-between another full body strength training session.

Other than that, just listen to your body.

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,384)
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Posts: 3,415
8/8/13 4:20 P

I don't but I do know that there are days when my body is not doing what it can optimally. If you want to have days that are less productive, go for it!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
8/8/13 3:26 P

You're not tracking calories burned from strength and yoga are you? If so, how?

An HRM is designed to give you calorie burn from cardio activity only.

Strength work and yoga are an excellent part of a fitness triangle - but they don't burn very much directly. Most online estimates over-state and many programs simply lie (like "burn 800 calories an hour with Bikram Yoga" - simply not possible with any yoga).

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,430
8/8/13 10:33 A

A lot of people prefer "active rest" days, meaning they are still doing something but it's not strenuous. My guess is that you're not actually burning 10,000 calories per week, especially if the swimming is more relaxing than challenging. As long as you are feeling good and continue to see the results you're expecting, I think it's fine to continue with your routine.

Coach Jen

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
8/8/13 9:50 A

Rest days have a LOT of benefits, not the least of which are recovery and injury prevention. Rest days are when your muscles rebuild themselves and become stronger.

BUT, according to this:
What-to-Do-on-Rest-and-Recovery-Days, for a runner, swimming and yoga are considered rest day activities. Technically, you're getting rest days.

SPARK921 Posts: 3,353
8/8/13 9:32 A

This is roughly my PLANNED activity schedule that I have been doing several weeks now:
Monday: am sleep in because I fly to work late Sunday nights; pm yoga class and one hour laps in pool
Tuesday: am cardio 45 minutes; pm one hour laps in pool
Wednesday: am cardio 35 minutes; pm yoga class and one hour laps in pool
Thursday: am cardio 45 minutes; pm brisk walk 30 minutes
Friday: am strength 45 minutes, brisk walk 30 min (w/dog), pm one hour laps in pool, brisk walk 30 min (w/dog)
Saturday: am brisk walk 30 min (w/dog); pm one hour laps in pool, brisk walk 30 min (w/dog)
Sunday: am strength 45 minutes, am brisk walk 30 min (w/dog); pm one hour laps in pool and then off to airport to fly to work again.

Because other FUN things come up on the weekend to be active, my calorie burn for the week now frequently goes over 10,000 calories according to tracker. I don't want to keep eating more and more if some weeks I do above and beyond my planned activity. I eat between 1550-1800 and have lost 2 pounds each week last three weeks after not losing at first when eating between 1200-1400 calories. But if it isn't a heavy duty cardio workout like a leisurely bike ride to the market, walking on the beach a couple hours, a few hours of recreational kayaking, etc. do I have to consider that bad because I don't have one full day I do NO ACTIVITY? Of note, I feel like my swimming is so amazingly relaxing I don't know how it could be cut. No impact at all to my old bones. I LOVE it. And I don't get all sweaty either. A win/win. And, once September rolls around I can only do it Monday-Thursday in hotel as our neighborhood pool will be closed.

I don't want to overdo it but if I am having fun and moving more I think it should be a good thing right?

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