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2/7/12 8:53 P

Thanks so much for the encouragement Coach Nancy! emoticon

Ahh and yes I do think it is important to take into consideration one's body fat. My body fat is about 30% right now. While 30% is normal for my gender, it's still on the higher side. I'd like to lose a little bit of body fat to tone up for summer. I've always felt so uncomfortable during the summer due to my weight. I really would like this summer to be different! emoticon

2/7/12 8:03 P

With all due apologies more cardio is NOT the answer to your perceived problem. I say perceived since weight on a scale is a poor if not useless measurement. You need to have your percentage of body fat measured to determine if you are within the healthy range.

The formula for fat loss is, in ranked order of importance, nutrition (diet), strength training then cardio. If you can afford to lose that last ten I suggest you bump up your strength training and minimize the cardio.

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2/7/12 7:56 P


I love that you are mixing it up like that...not only do you keep your workouts fresh, but you also lessen the your risk for overuse (repetitive injuries). Keep up the AWESOME job! You are doing FANTASTIC!

Coach Nancy

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2/7/12 6:59 P

Thanks Coach Nancy! You mentioned that it is important to switch up your exercise every 4-6 weeks. I tend to switch it up everyday. For example, the treadmill one day, the elliptical the next, the bike the next, and then back to the treadmill. And I keep going like that. Is that alright to do?

I'm also going to incorporate the FIT that you mentioned. I will boost it to 30 minutes 5 times a week. Once that gets easy, I'll do it longer and probably add one more day.

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2/7/12 5:04 P

Hi Theresa,

There are two ways to lost less (which you are currently eating the lowest range) or move more, or in the best situation a combo of the two. Remember, today you are burning less calories than you did 30 pounds ago...this has to do with you carrying less mass and while becoming fit is a good thing, your body adapts over this time to your workouts so that you burn less calories.

Remember the body's goal is to move toward a state of homeostasis or balance, therefore over time the body needs to expend less calories today than it did when you first started. This is why every 4-6 weeks, you may need to shake up your exercise routine just a smidgen.

And the four ways to do this are...FIT and recovery.

Frequency-adding more days for working out. For example if you work out 4 days a week try adding another day.

Intensity-going faster or at a greater incline in the same period of time that you have been doing your exercise.

Time-going for a little more than your body has adapted don't have to do this at every workout, just a few more minutes twice a week if you don't want to add any more intensity to what you are currently doing.

Lastly, increasing your recovery time between your workouts-in other words walk on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, take Thursday off, walk Friday and Saturday take Sunday off.
And don't forget to change modalities. If you use the elliptical every week, try using the treadmill or going for a nice brisk walk.

Never underestimate the need for strength training, especially as we grow older. The body naturally loses lean body mass as we age, therefore if we are not building this all important tissue, over time our body will need fewer calories to function since lean body mass is the body's metabolically active tissue.

And make sure you are tracking your nutrition and that you are eating within your calorie range. Eating a lot less than the body requires will only cause the body to be forced to function on fewer calories. The goal in losing weight is to have a slight caloric deficit from our diets and a caloric expenditure from exercise. And know that you do not have to lose weight every week to be making those all-important positive changes to a healthier you.

Lastly, you may want to discuss with your nutritionist if you even need to lose those last 10 pounds. Many times when we get close to our goal, it could be that our body composition is in a healthy range and losing those last 10 pounds would require a loss of lean body mass.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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2/7/12 4:52 P

I have lost 30 pounds during 2011. I am pretty close to my goal weight, about 10 pounds. For some reason, once I lost those 30 pounds, I felt discouraged and I stopped trying. But I'm back and I'm determined to lose those last 10 pounds!! My nutritionist said that since I'm close to my goal weight, the weight loss will be slower than it was when I just started losing weight last year. I am eating EXTREMELY healthy(following SP calorie range of 1200-1550. I stay in the middle). I am also getting about 20 minutes of cardio, 5 times a week and strength training twice a week. It's just so hard to get in an hour of exercise every day because it really discourages me. I've found that 20 minutes, 5 days a week and 2 days strength training has really helped me "stick with it". this enough exercise to be losing 10 pounds?? I'm definitely eating right. But with the exercise...I'm not so sure. What do you guys think?

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