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7/23/14 8:01 P

Talk to your doctor first.

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7/23/14 5:15 P


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7/23/14 4:40 P

If you have a condition such as osteopenia or osteoporosis, your doctor may recommend a calcium citrate/D3 supplement with or without prescribed medication. There are other physical conditions that, properly diagnosed by your medical provider, may call for supplements.

Check with your medical provider before taking any supplements.

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7/23/14 4:31 P


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7/23/14 4:07 P

Get some blood tests done, don't believe the supplement's ads, making you think you are in dire need of them, either. Don't waste your money on supplements, buy real food.

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7/23/14 3:27 P

" What would you do?"

I would get bloodwork done.
I would only 'supplement' that in which I am deficient. Otherwise, you are throwing money away.

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7/23/14 2:42 P

What does your doctor say ? When is the last time you had blood work done ? If your blood work doesn't show any vitamin deficiencies, then you don't need a supplement.

Most doctors do recommend that their patients take a one a day vitamin, just in case their diets aren't as balanced as they should be.

I take a vitamin D supplement because my blood work did show a vitamin D deficiency. If you haven't had a physical in a long time, have one to get your blood work done.

In short, before you start taking any supplements, see if you actually need them by going to your doctor for a physical.

PS - Are you logging all your food choices ? If so, that would explain why you're so low on so many vitamins. I saw one day where you'd only logged 850 calories. That's not nearly enough calories to supply all the vital nutrients and minerals your body needs.

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7/23/14 2:34 P

TRIPLEMWF ~ you can google those nutrients to see what foods are high in them and incorporate those foods into your diet from time to time. I have no problem with taking a supplement, and I do take them, but what I read is it's better to get nutrients from our food.

For instance, broccoli has calcium, nuts have zinc and vit E, etc.


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7/23/14 2:22 P

I like to think that I eat a pretty balanced diet even if I don't consume wheat, but I've noticed that several items I never seem to meet the recommendations for. Should I be concerned? Should I somehow be supplementing? Most noticably, I average only 11-12 g of fiber per day and I pretty much never meet the goals for Vitamin E, Vitamin B-12, Zinc, and Calcium. I also never meet it for Vitamin D either, but I'm not too concerned about that since I do spend a lot of time outside. What would you do?

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