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5/22/14 11:28 A

I think SP sets my range in the 1500 - 1750's and would be net after deducting calories burned from exercise. I find that if my net is in the 1500 I continue to lose weight, but if I had a big workout and net 1500 and I'm not hungry I don't eat. Since I tend to eat more on the weekend, it all balances out in the end.

KWILLI43 Posts: 266
5/22/14 10:51 A

Thanks EELPIE! So the real answer is basically creating a calorie deficit - which makes sense.

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5/20/14 1:07 P

While your body needs enough calories to function correctly, and lower caloric intake can slow down weight loss - the term "starvation mode" really gets thrown around a lot, without it's true meaning understood.

It's all Adaptive Thermogenesis. You might want to read this to understand what is occurring with your body and AT:>

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5/20/14 12:58 P

Thank you everyone. This is all good info! I think I will try to unlink the nutrition and fitness and see if that makes a difference. But, either way, 1200 is probably a wee bit low for me. My body is probably in starvation mode and holding on for dear life emoticon

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5/20/14 12:04 P

Read this thread...which actually links to another thread:

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5/20/14 11:56 A

You might find it easier to look at average ranges instead of having the range change daily. The best way to do this is to change your trackers so that the fitness tracker is no longer tied to the nutrition tracker --- and then you go in to your "fitness goals" and put in what you normally do in a week. This should set up your daily nutrition goals based on your average exercise minutes, and will give you a consistent range to work with.

Once you've done that, then you can look at increasing intake earlier in the day, by increasing the sizes of your earlier meals and snacks.

If you prefer to have the two trackers tied, then you might want to just do the mental math to adjust your intake on the following day for exercise tracked today. That way you are still getting the required calories (just a day later), but you can plan to fit them in during the early part of the day.

Hope this helps!

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5/20/14 11:38 A

When I have to get in extra calories, but don't want to feel too full, I usually have a glass of 2% milk (that's 150 calories right there). I suppose you could do a similar thing by making a protein shake - those are higher calories, but not excessively filling.

I've also heard some people eat a can/packet of tuna.

I hope that helps. emoticon

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5/20/14 11:17 A

I've been reading all of the posts regarding calories, what's too much, what's too little, etc. So, SP tells me my range should be 1200-1550. I usually try to stay within that, closer to the low end. After reading posts, I have determined that the low end is probably too low for me. That's the reason my weight loss is slow or stagnant at times.

Now, that I've upped my daily exercising and after logging it in the tracker, my calorie range increases. I walk 2 mi during lunch at work, and then do a HI workout when I get home. My question is, should I eat more for that day based on this new range? I don't like to eat a lot too late in the evening. I usually already have my dinner planned out and don't know what more to eat to make up the additional calories I can have without eating late. Hope this all makes sense.

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