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11/8/13 9:18 P

Thank you. I ended up sending out an email to a Dietician so we'll see how it goes. Waiting for her to get back to me.

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11/7/13 11:40 P

I would also recommend meeting with a dietitian because they can give you more specifics than we can, especially given your past of not eating enough.

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11/7/13 11:28 P

I guess I just have to get over the stubbornness of not wanting to go in and see a Dietician. Haha. Everyone on here in all my topics has mentioned it.

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JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
11/7/13 8:11 P

This is probably something a dietician would have to advise you on.

My understanding is that you would have to eat a caloric surplus to gain muscle. That muscle will in turn boost your metabolism and will help you burn fat.

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11/7/13 6:58 P

I have never weighed as less as I do right now and as I am close to reaching my weight goal. However, that might not be possible because I am also trying to gain lean muscle to become trim and fit. Most of my life I have been obese and now I am pretty active. Every day I stretch for about 10 minutes, I lift weights for a half hour, and I bike ride or swim for an hour. Now what I'm about to say I know is wrong, but I need to give some background history.

I ended up having to go see a Dietician because three months ago I was doing all this while only eating 1,000 calories a day. She suggested that I have at least 1,800 calories and maybe even 2,100 calories. So I slowly worked my way up to (currently) 1,800 calories. I feel that from eating 1,000 calories I did some damage to my body though. My stomach doesn't growl when I'm hungry, and I tend to binge at night.

The point I am trying to get to how much do you think I should be eating to gain nothing but muscle and shape my body? As far as foods that I consume, I eat a lot of rolled oats, non-fat yogurt, lean meats, legumes, and milk - pretty much high protein-base. Here is an idea of what I looked like before and after. Currently I look a little more lean than I did in the second picture.

I would also appreciate it if people that have "muscled-out" would share how much they consume along with their activities. Thank you.

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"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
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