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RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
6/10/13 1:05 P

emoticon Hope you are still going strong with SP. emoticon

KATHIES518 Posts: 471
7/26/12 8:24 A

Go to the top of the page - it is in the middle and then go to Health A-Z and click on D. Lots of good info. I get my probiotics in a pill although I do eat a lot of organic yogurt. Good Luck

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Posts: 2
7/25/12 4:36 P

Kathie, Thanks for the relpy. Just a couple of questions.....Where can I find the health conditions page? Also how do you take yougut or some kind of pill?

KATHIES518 Posts: 471
7/25/12 4:15 P

I too suffer from this and I had a list from my doctor and I just keep adjusting -- I pretty much know what sets me off and avoid that entirely. I also take a probiotic every day - I found that helps a lot and if I do have something I know I shouldn't, I am extremely careful for many days after. I am assuming you have checked it out on the health conditions page? Lots of good info there too.

Good Luck!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 18,944
7/25/12 9:12 A

When my friends got that, they got their doctors to refer them to a dietitian.

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7/25/12 7:31 A

I am looking for reicpes and diet info for diverticulitis. I've just had my 3rd flare up of this nasty disease and am looking to prevent a 4th.

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