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8/7/14 8:49 P

If it's a "doctor prescribed" diet, I'd say the best course would be to ask him/her, or the nurse practitioner, to provide you a more detailed list of foods.

I have many GI issues, although not diverticulitis/osis... but there are many days my food looks a lot like your list. I do use Atkins shakes, which I *think* are considered meal replacement (don't cite me on that one). You might also consider some of the protein shakes, either prepackaged (liquid) or powdered.

I remember my dad (who did have severe diverticulitis/osis) having terrible trouble with any sort of roughage or anything with small seeds (like strawberries). I've evidently inherited (?) his sensitivity to roughage, and can't handle it at all. Boy, am I craving salad.

Luckily, I love broths, and make lots of my own. If you get some veggies really really soft, sometimes you can get away with adding those. One of my favorite concoctions (and very easy) is homemade egg drop soup. Eggs are great nutrition. You might try softly cooked eggs, too. I like them soft-boiled, poached, softly scrambled (with lots of cheese)... they're so versatile. Even hard-boiled or deviled eggs shouldn't be too difficult on your digestion.

But you should check with your doctor. I don't know whether eggs produce any sorts of fermentation products at the "far end" that might aggravate your symptoms.

@ Marija --
Have you tried Sunsweet™ "Ones"? They're individually wrapped prunes, and they're really delicious! I have to be careful-- they seem like candy to me, and I can very easily get carried way too far away! LOL

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8/7/14 10:02 A

I had my colonoscopy and the scope down my throat. No cancer (thank you God). Just diverticulosis till it flairs up again (which I hope is never). IBS is also still a possibility. I have started adding some foods back into my diet but, at least a day or two a week, I still do the clear liquids and easy digestible foods. I have lost 22lbs. but, still have about 30 more to go.
My goal is to lose 2lbs a week. I haven't eaten a salad since May, and I miss that, and most greens and crudités. Eating only when I am hungry, and small portions. This "lifestyle change" is hard but, I know it is what my body needs. Fiber is hard to get because most fiber bloats me,( Beano doesn't work for me) and gives me very bad heartburn. So I am still working on that. I appreciate everyone's help and advice. Any recipes you have that will maybe help increasing my fiber is greatly appreciated. Thanks Spark People friends.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,766
7/27/14 5:35 P

I was diagnosed with "severe diverticulosis". I had trouble with pain and bloating for years before that. My gastroenterologist recommended 30 gr fiber per day. That has been difficult but not impossible. As a result, my symptoms have virtually gone.

That is just MY result, but I realize other's conditions may require a different approach.

I get more fiber by eating one heavy fiber food per day (like beans or fiber cereal) along with other forms like fruits and veggies. If you track it in your nutrition tracker, you can see how you are doing. I am happy with 20+ grams per day and the doctor OK'd that. It takes a little planning like everything else.

Good luck to you.

MARIJA77 Posts: 184
7/27/14 10:10 A

Two years ago I had Diverticulitis, which is now Diverticulosis. It was scary at first, partially thanks to a Doctor who told me if it happened again I absolutely would need surgery (need to find a new doctor).

Through diet I have managed to take care of myself. However, twice a year we go to visit family and stay with them, since aging everyone has downsized housing, this means 1 bathroom for maybe 4 people. Choose not to stay at a hotel.

Now, my anxiety at the change in routine and pattern and lack of bathroom availability can cause severe constipation. I take prune juice and Miralax every day. Any suggestions for how to manage these trips? Carrots & celery work great, looking to add on to these.
All advice gratefully listened to. Thanks

6/9/14 12:23 P

The severity of your condition will determine the action to take.
You are correct that infection does increase calorie and protein needs. Weight loss is often not encouraged during such conditions.

Talk to your doctor on this one.
Is weight loss appropriate for the next several weeks? Or is "weight maintenance" the goal as you heal and then return to weight loss in 4-6 weeks (or whatever the doctor determines as an appropriate time).

Ask your doctor.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

Hope you are feeling better soon!

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6/9/14 12:17 P

I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis too, I was wondering if I needed to reset my goals on SparksPeople since my diet has to change dramatically at times. Thanks,

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ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
4/16/14 5:10 P

If you're on full liquid diet for a day (or four) while the infection clears up, then it shouldn't have any impact on your metabolism or your weight-loss. Please make sure that you get the list of suggested foods and talk with your doctor about any vitamin / mineral / electrolyte concerns for while you are being treated. If you are on antibiotics, then you may want to find out if you should be taking a pro-biotic, or drinking kefir during this time.

Once the infection (the diverticulitis) clears up, then you are dealing with diverticulosis. This is a common condition, and it is really helpful to talk with your doctor and / or a dietitian about increasing the range of food (and fibre) that you can consume, and figuring out if there are any particular "trigger" foods that you will have to avoid to avoid future attacks.

The recommendations used to be to go with low residue / low fibre diets for people with diverticulosis, but current thinking is that high fibre diets actually work better. It is highly individual, though, so make sure that you're working with your medical team to figure out what is best for you.

I've had diverticulosis for over a decade, but haven't had an issue with diverticulitis in years. I eat a high fibre (35-45g per day) diet, and haven't had to go to a full-liquid or even low-residue diet for anything other than surgery or test prep. The half-dozen occasions over the last 18 months haven't had any impact at all on my metabolism or weight-loss.

Good luck!

4/16/14 4:06 P

I think the key is what does "occasionally" mean?
Is this 2 times a year?
2 times a month?
2 times a week?

I assume this is to prepare your bowel for a test?

If this really is just a few times a year---it will probably have no impact on your weight loss or metabolism.

Talk to your doctor for more clarification and understanding.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

JANEY102482 Posts: 393
4/16/14 3:39 P

I have just been diagnosed with diverticulitis. Occasionally, it may be necessary for me to go on doctor-prescribed liquid diets for anywhere from 1-4 days. During that time, I can only have broth, popsicles withou fruit, ice chips, pulp-free juice, etc. Has anyone else here had to do this and if so, did it screw up your weight loss or weight maintenance at all? I'm worried it's going to mess up my metabolism.

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