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1/2/13 10:56 P

I work at a preschool, and there are some days where I work 9+ hours with no break. It happens,and it's not like I have a job where I can at least sit down and eat.There have been times where I haven't gotten to heat up my lunch until after 2pm, and with kids waking up, I've had to eat bites of lunch between getting up and getting kids back on their mats, etc. When I can, I'll at least pull a chair up to the top of a shelf or sit at a tiny table to eat MOST of my lunch.

I've heard the whole "make each meal special" thing before, but what if you don't have a place to set the table? I pretty much only have my bed as a place to eat. My sister usually hogs the TV and sofa (watching shows I couldn't care less about) and we don't have a kitchen table to eat at.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
12/27/12 9:01 A

When I was in WW, one of the leaders had a wonderful idea because so many people would graze in front of the computer or TV or eat in bed what have you. I have been trying to get this to work for at least one meal a day and will slowly incorporate it into more. Make each meal special. Put your meal on a plate or several depending on what you have. I don't, but some people have an aversion to having foods touch each other and therefore use separate plates.
I understand that you are busy, but if you can make maybe dinner extra special by setting whatever table or area you have. Turn off the TV, step away from the computer. Maybe put on some light music. Just enjoy your 15 or 20 minutes of eating. I put my water in a pretty wine glass (of course that is when I don't actually put wine in it). I put my portions on my plate and sit down.

I too eat lunch and sometimes breakfast at work and definitely it is done mindlessly. Even though i portion the food out before i get there, I am not really paying attention to what I eat or taking the time to feel full.
I also understand being busy, but it is important to eat mindfully. Noone is SOOOO busy that they can't take 20 minutes for one meal.
I also try at least once or twice a week to get away from my desk and eat in the cafeteria or in one of the few small alcoves that the office has. You need to get away from your desk, your phone, your email. Again I understand being busy and having deadlines, everyone has them, but again if they want my best work, it is important that i take a break.
I am not in a union therefore breaks come when I can fit them in. The labor laws do state that you can have two 15 minute on the clock breaks and a 30 minute lunch. Most don't take them.

the important thing is to eat mindfully, stop when full and not eat when you are busy doing something else.

I wish Spark would actually incorporate it in the tracker itself-- have a button that measures how hungry you are when you ate that item, the time you actually ate (not just snack, lunch etc), what mood you were in when you ate and where you actually ate the meal. All that would tell me so much more than just calories (which i don't follow anyway) and nutrient levels which spark doesn't really measure well. Sure you can choose which nutrients to track, but I track nutrition not calories.

Good luck,

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12/26/12 5:41 P

Preportion your foods and don't eat seconds. Instead of taking a bag of chips to the couch pull out 1 serving and put away the bag.

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
12/25/12 7:42 P

Yeah, I'm gonna be honest, I eat in front of the tv almost every single night. I'll eat my breakfast while cleaning or driving the kids somewhere, and lunch is usually while helping the kids with homework or something like that. I LIKE watching tv and surfing the web while I'm eating dinner, and I don't see it as a problem.

Of course, I can see both sides. They say if you're paying attention to other things, you're not going to be paying attention to your body's signals. However, in my opinion, this would only be a problem if I was sitting down with an entire bag of chips or box of cookies or bowl of popcorn, etc., and those instances never occur. Every single bite that goes into my mouth is planned out. I don't care if I scarf down every bite on my plate in 10 minutes flat. I want to eat all of my food! If I start getting full before I'm done, I just stop eating. Simple as that.

I actually dislike sitting there completely undistracted while I'm eating. It makes me think about every bite, and how "this isn't very much food," or that "I'm not feeling full yet," etc. I get obsessed with what I'm eating and how it's making me feel, and I start to play mind games with myself. I'd rather plan out my meal and enjoy the taste without thinking about every single bite. But that is just my opinion. Everybody is different, and you have to do what works for you.

If you're eating breakfast while you're rushing around at work, it's not like you're eating some big indulgent meal where you could potentially go "overboard." If you're eating a breakfast sandwich or having a greek yogurt w/ berries for example, once it's gone, it's gone! It's not like you can keep eating and eating. Like I said, you have to do what works for you. And as long as you're not having a problem with overeating or listening to your body, I personally don't see anything wrong with eating while you're doing other things.

12/25/12 7:16 P

This is something I have always struggled with, and you know what, I've just come to terms with the fact that I LIKE to eat and watch TV or sit on the computer (or doing something else). I actually have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) so maybe that contributes to always multi-tasking, eating included. I literally just cannot sit there and eat and do...nothing else (I usually eat alone, so talking to someone isn't a factor). It is a pure form of torture for me to JUST I just do what works for me. Even if I am watching TV, for example, I am still not eating mindlessly. I have my portion in front of me, nothing more, nothing less, so no chance of over-eating. And I do pay attention to what I am eating and taste it, regardless if a TV or computer is in front of me or not. So that's just how I roll emoticon

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12/25/12 6:28 P

I'm struggling with the whole concept of not being a "distracted eater." I've gotten into some really bad habits: eating while watching TV, reading, or surfing the web. In general, I am always rushing to work, so I end up eating my breakfast when I get there (while doing some last minute things before I clock in). I rarely eat breakfast sitting down.

Lunch varies. On some days, I'll technically get a break, but I'll work off the clock while eating. On some days, however, I won't get a break. I'll get to eat my lunch, but I'm not always able to sit down and eat it.

Then, dinner is another story entirely. If I'm eating out, it's fine. However, we don't have much of a kitchen table at my house, so by default I end up eating in my bedroom. The idea of just sitting by myself eating just bores me. I'm more likely to rush through my food just to get eating over with at that point.

Any tips? I would love to break out of being a distracted eater, but I love being distracted, and in some cases, it means making some major changes- some of which may not even be possible at times.

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