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9/27/13 1:28 A

Mmmmmmm, sounds yummy! I really missed goos tomatoes this year, as the store bought were so bland in taste and when I did buy some from a farm stand they weren't very flavorful either. I was very surprised by this. I had a small garden bed last year and planted tomatoes, they were excellent. Am going 2 hours north west of where I live for an afternoon wedding on Saturday, so am hoping to see if any of the framers have any tomatoes for sale. Enjoy your fruit!

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9/26/13 11:37 P

I found a roadside stand that is not just a produce garden, but a regular plant and decoration place as well....the fruit & veggies are huge, clean, neatly organized and better than simply reasonable!! Needless to say that's a miracle in today's society. I bought myself silly and have already enjoyed a lovely fruit salad dessert with dinner tonight!! I also froze some wonderful California grapes (I use them like ice cubes, for example) and some strawberries, which work wonders when they are defrosted and them in cereal with my breakfast.

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