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STRANGER70127 Posts: 407
11/20/12 11:33 A

Your body is a highly impressive work of God. It's not doing anything wrong and neither are you. You are just adjusting to a new level of metabolizing is all.

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (209,766)
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10/26/12 6:16 P

Maybe you're not doing anything wrong. Weight loss isn't quick and easy, and for most people, it doesn't work on a predictable graph. Just keep working at it, and don't worry about the scales too much. If you're eating near the top of your range, try reducing it by 50 or 100 calories each day to see if that will jump start your weight loss. If you're not exercising now, commit to exercising 10 or 15 minutes each day. The progam does work. Just keep at it.

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10/26/12 5:51 P

emoticon emoticon

BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
10/26/12 4:56 P

Don't stress. .. it happens to all of us, particularly to those who might not have a huge amount to lose. In any case, just look at overall trends.

My thought, that's kept me going, is that I am building healthier habits and I didn't gain the 110 pounds excess overnight.. so far since January I've lost 72 of it emoticon but have lost a few of those pounds more than once. emoticon

What I do find is that I am more apt to lose consistently if I am absolutely faithful about writing down EVERY morsel. And if I drink plenty of water, since that seems to keep me from retaining water.

You're the one in charge, so celebrate yourself... you will be healthier, fitter, more energetic... it's not an on-off switch, but a journey. So go for it, enjoy the ride!

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10/26/12 4:26 P

Like everyone else has said, especially for us women, our weight fluctuates during the day, everyday. I'm with the others, look more in the way your clothes fit, and keep in mind that muscle may be the difference. It weights more than fat, so while you may weigh a little bit more, your clothes will fit better and you may notice (like I did) that a certain part of your body has changed (for me it is my muffin top, it's definitely not as pronounced). Don't look at just one small gain over the course of a week, look at the number as a whole from when you started. That's the number that really matters!


ABRETAK Posts: 100
10/26/12 2:39 P

Just keep at it! Sometimes you lose, sometimes you gain a little. I've been losing weight for the past year and a half, and I definitely haven't lost weight every week. You just have to try to keep in mind that it's just the way it is, you're not always going to lose weight every week or every day, it's what happens over the long run that matters. Just keep tracking your food and trying to do your best, if you stick with it you will lose weight, trust me!

NEED2MOVE2 Posts: 1,337
10/26/12 1:44 P


10/26/12 12:45 P

Thank you so much. It has been really tough trying to stay focused and not giving up. I just have to know this works. All of the participants is evidence of that and the encouraging words help tremendously! Thank you so much! Onward and upward (or,

BRITOMART Posts: 8,147
10/25/12 7:49 P

As Coach Nancy says, that's not unusual, weight fluctuates. This may sound weird, and it doesn't work for anyone who's obsessed with the scale or its numbers...but I weigh every day. BUT I do NOT pay ANY attention to any single number...each is insignificant alone. I'm looking for trends and direction. My graph over time DOES go down but it goes up, too, JUST AS MUCH TOTAL over time. I've lost 4 pounds in two months (I'm deliberately going slowly because at my age, 58, fast weight loss has equated too often with equally fast likely regain) but if I looked at any one number, I'd get discouraged, too...

Look for other measures of weight loss--the fit of your clothes, the ability to do more, sleep better. The scale is one and only one indication--and it's a fickle thing. Oh--and I don't 'claim' ANY loss (or gain) till it's been there awhile; here today back tomorrow.

Good success to you.

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10/25/12 7:00 P


Hang in there! I know this is tough, but a gain does not mean you are doing anything wrong. Know that our body's weight can vary by as much as 7 pounds in the course of a single day which has nothing to do with a 'true' fat gain. It's just a fluctuation in your fluids...anything from your diet, hydration, workouts and yes, even hormones can lead to this shift. The goal when it comes to losing weight is to focus on the long term and know that you are moving toward a great future as long as you do not give too much power to the scale.

You can do this!

Coach Nancy

10/25/12 6:52 P

I have followed the plan and stay within my calorie range and gained .2 of a pound in a week. How is that possible???? I am completely discouraged and do not understand what I am doing wrong.

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