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Or you could just track it. It was the first option up when I searched "fired" in the fitness tracker. How did you try to track it? It's in there.

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Ok so I would like to say that I was totally excited to get Coach Nicole's Fit firm and fired up DVD and even more excited to be able to track my workouts a whole lot better!! But much to my shock and disappointment, there is no way to actually track the workouts that you do on Fit, Firm and Fired up! I don't understand this when its a SP product! I am hoping this gets up to the higher ups and they decide to add these specific workouts to the system. I have read that you can choose another workout that would equal what you have done on the video but then I feel I am cheating my self out of knowing what is working for me and what is not. Is it really that hard to put those specific workouts in the generator? Please someone tell the higher ups that this would be awesome to connect all your workout videos to generate in the fitness trackers, especially when its from your own products!

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