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1/8/13 10:17 P

Welcome 2 the boards... I'm "physically challenged" as well & have roughly 70 lbs. 2 loose... I've got bad back & a hip replacement w/ arthritis issues just about N every joint. Nonetheless... moving is important 4 the health of your muscles not 2 mention it does help U 2 feel better N terms of more flexible etc.

Use this site 2 help U... Spark has a "Limited Mobility" exercise routines. Just do what U can. If the exercise isn't something U can do... than modify it into something YOU CAN DO!

Stay positive... U can add me as a friend

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1/6/13 2:36 A

I too have disability challenges with walking because of multiple sclerosis. I have one of those stationary pedal machines you can get from drugstore. I don't use it everyday for reasons of it is just too much some days! I have a video from National Office of the Aging that shows you how to exercise from sitting down on a chair. I know there are other videos out there too. I pick and choose what exercises I attempt and for how long. We all know our own body and its limits. I keep being told by my doctor that I need to do something and this seems to fit. I've had physical therapy after knee surgery and I select what I'm up to for that day. Don't get me wrong....I don't do all of this consistently but it is a start. The best thing I can do for myself is to try to strengthen my upper body and strengthen my ankles. Good luck with finding what fits you and your needs.

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I have bad knees and am very overweight. I don't walk well and I am not able to exercise except if I can find some chair exercises to do. I want to lose weight but don't know what I can do except watch my diet. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.

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