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STAR_DUST_03 Posts: 167
7/22/11 9:40 P

Chili's has their healthier options on their menu called "guiltless grill" and a chicken club is definitely not on that menu... I get their margarita grilled chicken and usually take half home because it fairly large and it is delicious.

ASHMOMOF4 Posts: 145
7/22/11 9:13 P

Spinfaster1 it was Action news 5 out of Memphis. It aired about 1-2 months ago.

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
7/22/11 9:13 P

I disagree about Chili's. Check their website's nutritional info. I got a club sandwich and when I got home and checked it was 1490 JUST for the sandwich. I don't think that even included the few fries I ate.
About Red Lobster... I cannot eat there ever without having gastro distress. It's not pretty.

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7/22/11 8:50 P

Ugh I can't go near red lobster. I can't eat most greasy foods (pizza hut and olive garden are usually... um, order out stay at home nights) but I'm actually allergic to lobster, I can't even smell it without getting sick.

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7/22/11 8:08 P

If you DO have to eat at a chain: Suggest holding your nose and ordering the salad.

Again, serious. After getting sick over the least fattening thing but still "technically" edible at a Red Lobster about 6 years ago. Haven't been back.

STAR_DUST_03 Posts: 167
7/22/11 7:59 P

I usually go with applebees or chilis. They both have healthy options and are marked on the menu.

CEDARBARK1 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 996
7/22/11 6:38 P

I agree with the person who said that healthier fare can usually be found at local places, depending on style of food.

It doesn't matter if the counts aren't listed. Don't eat breaded, deep fat fried, stay away from pasta (very empty carbs AND calories); maybe order two appetizers instead of a dinner (and if they turn out large, take a portion home).

Going out to dinner means treating the taste buds. The chains are loaded with sugars and starches in their sauces. You'll find some of this at other restaurants too, but not to their level, in my experience. (Also, stay away from Americanized Chinese restaurants...)

Sorry, I can't help you further on chains. The only one I frequent is Panera's, and that is for very specific items. I did visit an Olive Garden with people from work recently... it was HARD to find something edible there.

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7/22/11 6:29 P

I love the local places, but my family usually doesn't. That's why I was looking for chains - I have the worst time trying to guestimate my calories at local places.

I never thought about Ruby Tuesday's! I'll have to try them soon, do you know who did that report - I'd love to read more about it!

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
7/22/11 6:20 P

I've found healthier fare at local places to be honest. They are more able to modify your choices as it doesn't come to them already prepared. We have a local seafood place on the marina that will steam, fry or broil your food and they offer steamed fresh broccoli or steamed fresh asparagus in addition to the salads and more fattening sides.
Most chain restaurants(unless they offer a special low fat option) you have to take what they have. It comes to them already cooked and frozen(except steaks/burgers). (My son was a cook at Ruby Tuesdays for a couple years.)

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7/22/11 6:19 P

Order grilled chicken, fresh fruit and dinner salad. Ask for low cal. dressing. Water or tea to drink. Have fun.


ASHMOMOF4 Posts: 145
7/22/11 6:04 P

I don't know if this qualifies as super fresh, but Ruby Tuesday's has some low calorie options on their menu. Even our local news station did a segment to find out if the low calorie options were actually low calorie. They used RT as option and it truly was. They sent 3 separate entrees that were the same to a lab to be tested. I think the one they tested was some type of steak and cheese which I would have thought to be pretty high, but it was about the calorie count that the menu said it was- I think it was actually a little lower! I love to eat out , but it is so hard to figure out how much of what I'm eating so that I can track everything. Check out the restaurant's website to see if they offer their nutritional facts online. That always helps! Good luck and bon appetit!

7/22/11 5:01 P

Hey guys, I'm supposed to go out to dinner tonight and I was wondering if anyone has come across any great meals at a restaurant that are low calorie. I'm looking for chain restaurants, and I'd prefer to not eat just a salad (although if you've come across somewhere with super fresh ingredients I'd love to know). Thank you!

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