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2/16/13 5:40 P

Good advice, thanks, and perfect timing! Appreciate it.

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2/16/13 5:27 P

Read the menu carefully! Opt for lots of protein and veggies. Ask for sauces to be on the side, including the dressing. If you indulge in a dessert treat, share it! Then tomorrow get right back on track. Good luck and enjoy!

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2/16/13 10:01 A

I'm only on day two and my husband and I are going out for our first romantic dinner without the kids since, um, April (yes, we need to go out more). Any ideas how to limit what you eat while going out without feeling deprived? I want to find a way to still enjoy the night without pouting that I can't order everything I want to and without getting cranky and spoiling the night. Any advice welcome! I'm still really early in the process so I know it's easy to get derailed....

Thanks guys, appreciate any thoughts.

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