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LENKA763 Posts: 2,395
4/28/11 4:54 P

grilled Talapia, quinoa, steamed broccoli and watermelon

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4/28/11 11:49 A

I'm a huge fan of the South Beach Diet cookbooks. They have 2 cookbooks with 30 minute recipes. They usually take more than 30 minutes but are really tasty and filling.

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4/28/11 9:13 A

marinated tofu browned slightly in a pan

chicken breast seasoned with your fave seasoning or step out of the box and try some new seasonings (right now I would like to experiment with some different types of cumin)

nice piece of fish with fresh lemon is always good

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,677
4/27/11 6:33 P

I'd suggest some sort of protein. Chicken or turkey or seafood?

REDPEPPERS Posts: 18,867
4/27/11 5:07 P

Here's a place to get some ideas

HEALTHYLIFE92 Posts: 148
4/27/11 4:49 P

Tonight I'm having a different sort of dinner. I'm trying to make things that are healthy(as in low/no fat and sugar) but still have lots of taste. So far I have a wheat berry salad(made with whole grain spelt, squash, broccoli, sweet potato, onion, garlic, and cranberries). I also bought one plantain from the store which I will slice up and put in the pan with a tiny bit of non fat cooking spray. Does anyone have an idea of a low fat third dish? It can be simple or be complex. I usually try to have 3 different types of foods on my plate when I eat. Thanks guys!

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