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10/28/13 12:52 P

There's a 99.99% probability that the dining services manager has all the nutrition info in a binder in his/her office. And there's at least a 95% probability that s/he will just about faint from joy if you ask for it. They do all sorts of work trying to balance students' preferences with nutritional goals, and they think no one cares, so showing that you do care will absolutely make their day.

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10/27/13 7:38 P

if your cafeteria doesn't have the info available, use the info from another school. to some degree practices are going to be the same across companies on this one.
this is the place that's in my college

10/27/13 7:32 P

many college café now have the nutrition info available. Check to see if yours does.

If not, you are going to have to estimate as best possible and find an item in the tracker near to your selection.

To judge portions:
1 cupped hand = 1/2 cup
palm of hand = 3 ounces (meat)
1 clinched fist = 1 cup
whole thumb = 1 tablespoon
tip of thumb = 1 teaspoon

your SP Registered dietitian

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10/27/13 5:57 P

Hello! I'm a college student and eat the majority of my meals in a dining hall. Not overeating is a challenge that I'm working on, but since I've started logging food I've noticed how difficult it is to enter in the correct amount of calories. How do you enter in something like breaded catfish or what they call "fettuccine Alfredo" when I don't know the ingredients?

Thanks a bunch!

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