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1/2/12 7:16 A

There are a lot of different options out there. Are you reasonably computer savvy ? If you're reasonable tech savvy, then you should be comfortable with a digital camera.

Which to buy ? You're going to need to do your homework. The thing I like about Amazon is that people leave reviews of different products. Whenever I am in the market for a new camera, I check out the different popular models to see which suits my needs. Because the days of the point and shoot are over. These days, cameras like cell phones are multifunctional.

Also, how much are you willing to pay ? A decent low end digital camera will cost around $100. But, depending on what bells and whistles you want (example a good lens) will cost more. The more bells and whistles you want, the higher the cost.

Speaking as something of an amateur photographer, the MOST important component of the camera is the lens. Because if you have a crappy lens, you're going to get crappy photos regardless of how good the hardware is. the two best lens manufacturers in photography are Carl Zeiss and Leica.

You don't have to buy those cameras to get those lens. The Panasonic Lumix cameras use a Leica lens. The Sony Cyber Shot cameras use the Zeiss. Both of those cameras are excellent, but pricey i.e. over $200. Once again, a good lens will cost you, but it's an important investment if you want good quality photos.

Kodak does make a good digital camera that isn't too costly i.e the Kodak Easyshare. So, if you are looking for something around $100, I'd go with a Kodak. However, if you're willing to pay the $$$s, I'd go with a Panasonic Lumix or Sony Cyber Shot. Of course, Canon and Nikon also make excellent cameras too.

See, another consideration to take into account is how the camera fits in your hand. Just because we recommend buying a Panasonic or a Nikon, you might not like the feel of the camera in your hand. So, one thing to do is go to a place like Bestbuy or Staples to try out some of the different model cameras.

I do use an older model Lumix, it's two years old. LOL !! I like the way it felt in my hands because it had some weight to it. I liked the lens quality. I liked the width of the LCD screen. Some digital cameras have small screens. You might not like that. I know I didn't.
People rave about the quality of the photos I've taken with the Lumix. I have a few posted in my washington DC trip blog if you'd like to see some examples.

My advice is to check out different models at the store. See what suits your needs and your budget.

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1/2/12 6:55 A

I purchased a phone with a darn good camera in it.. Good enough to enter into shutterbugs team - it is with me everywhere and so small it doesn't take up extra space lol..

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
1/2/12 6:26 A

I don't have one either but have always been slow on the untake of electronics.

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1/1/12 6:18 P


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1/1/12 6:17 P

I just bought mine on Boxing day it was $200 all together which was one of the more expensive ones there but there was another one I was looking at it was $125 and had a viewer in the front and back so if you take a picture of yourself you can see what you are taking which was kind of cool..the only reason I didnt get it was because it took a bit longer for the pictures to register..everyone has different preferences to camers though..i have always prefered nikons...but i just bought my first sony and love it

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1/1/12 5:53 P

I need to get one too....especially as my son's graduation is coming up shortly .... so I am glad to be seeing the recommendations being made.

1/1/12 5:32 P

I am a technology 'Tard so I got the Sony Cyber-Shot. It does every thing I need for it to do and not much thinking going into how to operate it.

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1/1/12 4:57 P

I love my Canon Powershot. It was less than $200 and takes photos and video and is very small but has a 3" screen on it. 4X zoom as well. Great camera.

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1/1/12 4:32 P

Nikon Coolpix is what i use and it takes Great pictures

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1/1/12 3:32 P

I'm not an expert, but I got a Kodak Easy Share for Christmas about 3 years ago; I love it! It takes great pictures and it's very easy to use and upload photos.

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1/1/12 3:18 P

After my night out last night, I have decided I need a digital camera. I am fed up of relying on other people to document my life. I'm not a photography fiend, I just want a straight forward, point, click, upload onto laptop camera. Has anyone got any recommendations?

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