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MIA-MORSEL Posts: 791
8/19/13 8:19 A

hello Clearstream emoticon

I'm Mia, I'm retired and currently living in East Anglia. I'm on Day1 at SP so your journal is a timely reminder to me to take walking in easy stages. I still recall the awful pain in my shins following my first real long walk in years. I walked for an hour (really it was more of a march, as I strode out purposefully) and felt great but as soon as I got home, my shins became painful. I must look into warming up and stretching before attempting another walk, even a short one.

Have added you as a Sparkfriend as I'd like to read more about your experiences and progress, if that's fine with you!

best wishes,
Mia x

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9/12/12 7:16 A

I start out stong and then I always seem to fall off track. Mcdonalds is my down fall. it's so easy to stop off and get breakfast. I do really good during the day because I pack my lunch but the weekends and the mornings are the hardest for me. If i can get pass those 2 I'd be doing great.

LILAC_LANE Posts: 1,209
9/12/12 6:45 A

I like the name of your journal. I've been digging too. Trying to find the answers to keep me gaining anymore weight back. When you have "fibro" I think (at least for me) the pain from exercise the next day can feel worse at times. Eventually it gets better Walking is the best exercise. You are wise to keep moving. Have a great day friend.

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8/4/12 5:44 A

Yesterday was meant to be my recovery day from my long walk the day before. I spent it trapesing around Norwich and today, the day I am wanting to go for another long walk, my legs are still killing me. I will have to see what happens. I'll start out boldly, and hope I don't finish too wobbly!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 71,006
8/2/12 8:56 P

Don't quit.

8/2/12 2:31 P

I've been doing a blog but think this journal thing is a great idea. I've been doing well so far having lost 4 KG in 3 weeks, and hopefully this will continue. This journal though is about my walking. I'm 63 and very VERY unfit. I tried my first walk (ie, a proper walk as opposed to normal walking around the house and village) about 2 weeks ago, and did 10 mts. I could hardly climb the stairs afterwards. Today I walked for 54 mts and felt so proud of myself. It was difficult as my legs were shaking and my heart was pounding at the end. But I burned 230 calories!! I will try again tomorrow for an over 30 mts walk.

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