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8/19/14 9:49 A

Thank you for all of your suggestions. I think that turning off the electronics, altogether, may really help; as well as some decaffeinated herbal tea. I think I might also turn down the thermostat and cool the bedroom down, some. It's summer and it's hot -- even in the evenings. My body temp (before exercise) already runs on the high-end; and with exercise, it runs higher for several hours post work-out. If the room isn't cool, then I can't fall asleep.

I'll take your good advice: meditation, soothing tea, a nice, cool, dark room .... maybe that may really help me catch some more zzzzzzs. Thanks, again!

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8/18/14 10:24 P

Late afternoon or evening workouts can mess with my sleep but I have learned a few tricks. As Gram mentioned, turn off the electronics, make a cup of herbal tea and take a hot bath preferably in candle light. Keep the lights low and the electronics off, it helps trigger melatonin needed for sleeping. Also, what, when and how much you eat can either help or add to the problem. If I workout from 5-7pm I will have a late snack around 2:30-3:00pm and a light dinner around 7:30. If I am working out from 7-9pm, I have a small early dinner at 5:00 and a piece of toast with peanut butter and a banana after my workout. Eating too big a meal before going to bed can add to your sleep woes, it can be a delicate balance to get the fuel you need and yet not taxing and over stimulating the body with too much food.

I play tennis competitively and this can mean plenty of travel and tournaments running into the evening. Being able to get adequate sleep in order to perform well is essential. Keeping my body properly nourished, hydrated and rested is paramount and so I keep pretty disciplined sleep habits.

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8/18/14 10:04 A

I found putting down the kindle, laptop or not watching tv for an hour before sleep time helps. Something to do with the light and our melatonin production. Good luck to you.

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8/18/14 9:48 A

try a relaxation routine before bed? camomile tea and some restorative yoga poses?

8/18/14 9:43 A

I work during the week (I'm in at 7AM and leave at 4PM). The best time that I can squeeze in a workout is typically in the afternoon, at around 6PM. That's when the group classes, that I'm interested in, are offered at my gym. I typically do zumba once a week (during the week days) and two days of water aerobics. On the weekend, I'll swim on Saturday morning for an hour, and either swim or do zumba at lunchtime, on Sundays. Whenever I work out in the afternoon, or in the evening, my body is tired immediately after I'm finished with working out. But, 2 hours later, it's as if I get a second wind and can't come down off the energy spike. I'm guessing that it's a good problem to have if my body is still burning post-workout, but it's a bad problem because I don't think I'm getting enough sleep overnight. It doesn't matter if I workout at 6PM or 1PM, it takes literally forever for my body to settle down and relax enough so I can fall asleep. I'm not sure what to do to help my body and mind relax sooner, rather than later. I eat within an hour of working out -- more protein post-workout, with limited carbs and fat. Can someone suggest something to help? I really cannot workout in the mornings during the week. I've tried that, and I'm rushing through my workout or I'm almost always late to work. Thanks, in advance, for any help.

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