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1/24/13 6:13 P

Good idea!! Thank you.

1/23/13 8:12 A

Sorry to hear about the confusion.
I would suggest that you look at the literature from the company that makes the medication. Or if there is a website or phone number for the company---contact them directly. They do the reserach on the food-drug interactions; they should have the exact info.

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1/22/13 9:41 P

Thank you. I have. ...and got three different answers. :)

1/22/13 7:24 P

Please ask your doctor, pharmacist or Registered Dietitian for low tyramine diet education based on the medication you have been prescribed.

SP Dietitian Becky

LADYBEAR38 SparkPoints: (12,341)
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1/22/13 7:12 P

I currently have high cholesterol and have started a low carb diet. (Well, to be honest -- "lower" carb...) In addition, I have been given a diagnosis where the medication has interaction issues with tyramine.
I can't have soybeans or tofu. Does tht mean I can't eat things with soybean oil? Soybean products? "May contain " soybeans?
Any one else have this combination, that can give me ideas about what I can safely eat?

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