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My ex-boyfriend was diagnosed with Lupus a few years ago. It was rough going for him for awhile, especially at the beginning, but his life has gone almost completely back to normal. In the beginning, he couldn't work (doctor's orders), had to give up his sports, and figuring out what meds worked took a real toll on his body.

BUT he is now back to living and loving his life. There are still things he's careful with like being out in the sun and so on, but overall his life is totally back to normal. So, while it is rough now, it does get better. Are you talking to your doctor about pain management? If you can't run, maybe ask your doc what you can do. Biking, swimming, etc. are low impact and keeping active might help with the depression. It's not the same but when I ruptured my achilles tendon I had to stop running and I wasn't cleared for any exercise and got depressed. Switching to a new activity would've been incredibly helpful, for both mind and body.

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Not sure if you are on Facebook or not. But my best friend has lupus and she maintains a blog/facebook page with Tons of resources. She's posted so much information on exercise, nutrition, natural and holisitic pain relief and remedies. She's very down to earth and uses humor to help others with Lupus get through the day to day.

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Here is that link in a click-able form (it is good info on it)


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5/18/13 1:42 P

Here is one of many articles on the internet. Hope it helps. emoticon

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While I do not have Lupus, I do have an autoimmune illness myself. First of all, good for you for getting out there and posting how you are doing! You're moving in the right direction. When I was unable/barely able to exercise to due pain and fatigue I found it was more doable for me to focus on eating nutrient dense foods to help my body. Once I started doing that, I was encouraged and had the desire to go for a 10-20 minute walk in the evening.... from there, little by little, just be gentle and move slowly in the right direction. Perhaps for you, focus on your diet, and going to bed early--fatigue is so tough. Try and give your body what it needs.

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Below is a link to The Mayo Clinic which may help you:

I had 2 friends with Lupus - mother and daughter. They had to be particularly careful in the sun - wearing plenty of sun protection, and also eat a healthy diet - the link explains that, BUT that doesn't over-ride what your Dr suggests. You are best to have this discussion with him/her and ask for a referral to a Dietitian, particularly if there are other health issues involved.

It may be worth talking about how you feel, too! It isn't uncommon for a person to suffer from Depression when diagnosed with a chronic condition. It may be that a little Therapy will help you through it by giving you the tools to a healthier mind-set.

Good luck,

5/14/13 6:06 A

Hello everyone! I need some motivation:( I've been diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) and have zero motivation. All I want to do is sleep, prior to being diagnosed I'd run every single day two to ten miles! It's now been 15 days, zero runs and zero motivation, nothing but body pains! Anyone out there that can inform me on what to eat and what are good mess for this nasty disease??? emoticon

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