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DUKEFAN86 SparkPoints: (110,880)
Fitness Minutes: (80,813)
Posts: 1,450
3/16/13 9:26 P

I lost 9+ lbs in my first DietBet! I didn't hit the 4% goal, but I didn't feel guilty about losing $10. I would've paid more for a monthly pass to Weight Watchers! It was motivating and encouraging enough that I'm several days into my second DietBet! I'd recommend it!

SYDNEYMELYN SparkPoints: (12,530)
Fitness Minutes: (5,534)
Posts: 622
3/16/13 9:15 P

DuKEFAN86, how did it go for you?

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,339
2/10/13 6:07 P

That is cool - if it works for you, I applaud you taking the leap. Everyone makes the choices that work for them. I too agree about wasting hundreds of dollars on lots of things that haven't worked. I am just cautious about doing it online and frankly can't afford it right now. I like the idea of doing it with your sister and feeling like you are sharing the journey. Let us know how it works out. Our local news did a piece about the site on Friday so it is a growing phenomenon.

DUKEFAN86 SparkPoints: (110,880)
Fitness Minutes: (80,813)
Posts: 1,450
2/10/13 5:47 P

I hear ya, NANCYPAT1! I did sleep on it, and searched the internet too, and haven't come up with any dirt yet. I haven't lost any sleep yet over signing up, either.

Part of the way I look at it, though, is that people spend hundreds of dollars every year on diets that end up not working for them, long term. (I've sunk money into Weight Watchers several times, for that matter, so I'm pointing a finger at myself, too.) On DietBet, I'm in for $10 in one challenge and $20 in another. Yes, I could've spent that money on some other diet or exercise gadget, but this is something new that I'm willing to try this time. My sister in CA is in on the $10 challenge, and since she lives so far away, this is one way for us to diet together, which is an added bonus and motivation.

Both challenges I signed up for start tomorrow morning. Hoping I'll be a lighter me a month from now!

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,339
2/10/13 3:58 P

I just can't imagine paying some website that I don't know - I am cautious

DUKEFAN86 SparkPoints: (110,880)
Fitness Minutes: (80,813)
Posts: 1,450
2/10/13 9:29 A

Yay! I start my first two DietBets tomorrow! I'm excited and nervous. I think this'll be good motivation!

2/9/13 7:52 P

I just joined my first bet. I searched the site all over the internet and it seems like a legit site. Good incentive to lose weight. Judging by their rules, they are very much against the "unhealthy" ways of losing weight (not eating, etc) which is a very nice thing to see.

DUKEFAN86 SparkPoints: (110,880)
Fitness Minutes: (80,813)
Posts: 1,450
2/4/13 10:41 A

Someone I follow on Facebook (The Anti-Jared) has started a challenge on Dietbet that now has a rather large pot ($16,900)! I signed up on the website, but haven't thrown any money into the ring yet. I'm thinking about starting or creating a "game" though.

ALISKYE SparkPoints: (44,258)
Fitness Minutes: (107,746)
Posts: 1,417
12/27/12 11:46 A

Never heard of it.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,339
12/27/12 9:06 A

Sorry, I have not tried it and would be leery of it, as I am cautious of unknown websites.

ANDYINBC SparkPoints: (69,816)
Fitness Minutes: (140,702)
Posts: 3,389
12/25/12 11:30 P

Just wondering if anyone here on Spark has tried Dietbet, the app or website? Just wondering about its legitimacy?

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