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ALLENJOSEPH SparkPoints: (232,142)
Fitness Minutes: (132,090)
Posts: 10,583
2/7/12 6:47 P

I haven't even looked dietville over yet, but I as you pointed out Luann, there are the games like farmville. I haven't seen that yet, but that is of no interest to me. Thanks, Luann! emoticon

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,790
2/7/12 4:51 P

What does dressing an avatar and furnishing your pretend house have to do with nutrition and exercise??
Sounds like a time drain, just like Farmville...

ALLENJOSEPH SparkPoints: (232,142)
Fitness Minutes: (132,090)
Posts: 10,583
2/7/12 11:38 A

Wow! Spark People is a winner for all of us. There is something here for each of us. For myself, I have found so many helpful things and made some very good friends. There are wonder teams that can help us all. I'm going to check out DietVille. Thank you! emoticon

12/22/11 12:06 P

Haven't heard about DietVille. Sounds like it would be worth checking out.

SBNORMAL Posts: 880
12/21/11 3:47 P

i will look at it and make me an avatar.

ABRAEICHEN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 17
12/20/11 1:40 P

Have you heard of DietVille? I've been using it lately to count my calories and do my meal plan, and it is soooooo much fun" It's like an online community of your diet buddies and you get to dress up your avatar and you have a little home in DietVille where your buddies can visit and send you gifts. It's so different than anything else out there. I actually love doing it. So far I've lost 5 pounds.

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