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1/9/14 3:52 P

Many years ago, I went to a Chinese buffet with a friend of mine who is tiny and very thin. I was around my highest weight then. I didn't want to go to a buffet (yuck!) but it was a celebration for her, so she got to choose the place.

We went around the buffet and came back to the table. I had one plate, not entirely full, mostly vegetables. She had FOUR plates covered with fried stuff sauced to the max. We looked at each other and laughed.

Yeah, life is not fair.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,233
1/9/14 2:24 P

My friends that were always slim, ate things like candy bars instead of a meal, or they would go out to eat at a fancy place, and just order dessert, or just have some waffles for breakfast, maybe a piece of fruit, but they also had alcohol issues, But, they were always slim, so people didn't care back then whether they had good nutrition or not. None of them made it past age 55 years though, for whatever that is worth.

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1/9/14 1:41 P

In most cases it probably has very little to do with what they eat. Naturally thin people have different metabolisms, and specifically different hypothalmic set points.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/9/14 1:17 P

I actually mimicked what my "thin" friend ate once...and gained weight :(

That's when I learned that everyone's body is different.

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
1/9/14 1:12 P

I was Thin when I was young-I went back to the ways of eating in those days and lost over 100 lbs..Looking back, I began to eat more. not just junk, anything. I began to eat alone at times because I enjoyed the quite time, I began to snack on chips, soda in the evening with hubby, something I never did before, I'd reach for a banana or orange for a snack. I ate the extra small amount of whatever after dinner so it didn't get thown away, I'd finish my kids dessert they didn't want as not to thow away a small amount. Seems the more I ate, the more food I could eat before feeling full, so over time I began to eat more, became used to eating more food, as my stomach adjusted to more,,of course the lbs came along. Every time I went on a diet, took a pill, plan, or whatever it worked for a while then turned into a total failure gaining even more. I avoided cameras, one day someone "caught" me and I saw the pic. OMG! That person was Not Me! I didn't recognize her! I Never saw myself as that big! So many failed diets! I was so tired of trying a new pill/supplement/herbal that Promised I would lose the weight I wanted, or starting a New diet plan! I began to look at how I was when I was a normal weight for my height, the amount& type of foods I ate, activity level etc. Even though I am older, I went back to what/how I ate when younger and increased my activity, and the lbs started comming off! Its taking a little longer now but its working! So if someone was average when younger, perhaps that what they may need to go back to in order to lose.

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1/9/14 12:17 P

We have to be careful when making assumptions about why a person is thin. We assume it's because they must be eating right. But, that's not always the case. How many super models have admitted that they smoked or did drugs to keep their slim figure ? Some even had eating disorders. When I was young (and didn't know any better), I'd starve myself thinking that not eating would keep me slim. During that time, I was complimenting for taking the weight off.

However, here's an interesting article about a man (who was filmed for Supersize Me) who has been eating a Big Mac every single day for years. When the article was written, he was about to eat his 25,000th Big Mac. You'd think that eating that many Big Macs over the years would make a person fat ? Well, Don Gorske is a pretty slim guy.

Wikipedia says he's now up to 26,000. His unauthorized Wiki bio says that his cholesterol is between 140 and 150. He enjoys good health.

Is this man slim because of his metabolism ? portion control ? exercise ? I don't know. But there are people who don't eat right, but are still thin and that's just the way the genetic ball bounced. Is this typical ? Of course not. Every "body" really is different. The grass is always greener on the other guy's lawn. We wonder what is he doing that we aren't.

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1/9/14 11:46 A

Every body is different and I learned not to compare. Find something that works for you that you are comfortable with and you don't feel is a struggle. I see a lot of signs on Spark pages that says, No one said this will be easy. I disagree with that. It should be comfortable for you to maintain what you do each day so you don't get frustrated and gain it back.

I have a slow metabolism so what works for me is to make sure I have snacks in-between my 2 meals a day so my metabolism doesn't drop lower. I also find if I spread out my exercise during the day it also helps to keep my metabolism at peak. I now jog 10 minutes 4 times a day.

I don't envy thin people who can eat junk food because number 1, I don't like junk food and I have seen a lot of thin people with medical problems because they eat lousy. Thin does not mean healthy.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,769
1/9/14 11:20 A

I think most people who we think of as "naturally thin" are genetically blessed, in our fast food, processed junk society. I have been overweight since the day that I was born (more or less) until recently. My sister only developed a weight problem in her 30s, mostly related to thyroid disease. For years, she ate McDonald's 1-2 times per day, guzzled regular soda and highly sweetened ice tea (she would order it sweet and add sugar), etc., but stayed a 6-8. I have a co-worker for whom pizza is a food group, and he eats chips and snack food by the bag and is still slim.

Sure, there are some that have been taught to eat healthy, reasonable portions and to be active and that's why they have stayed thin, but I think that is the minority.

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1/9/14 10:19 A

Track your food. For me, while I was eating healthy, I was eating too much. Once I learned portion control and started exercising the weight came off.

There is no magic "Do This Don't Do This." The formula is very simple, but hard to do. Eat Less + Exercise More = Weight Loss. Eat fruits, veggies, lean protein, weigh out your servings of potato chips, etc.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
1/9/14 10:17 A

I don't really subscribe to the theory that there IS an average slender person out there who eats differently than the average less slender person.

Metabolisms and eating habits differ for various reasons, one of which is whether one has gained and lost and gained and lost a number of times in their lifetime (IMO).

I think if a person of any weight consistently eats more calories than they expend, they will gain weight over time, and vice versa.

I know there are a lot of factors impacting weight beyond calories in/out and a lot of studies and conflicting opinions. Just stating my opinion.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,317
1/9/14 5:46 A

emoticon with MADZELLIS...there are some people with naturally high metabolism who can eat junk and never seem to gain weight...but at some point in their lives, it seems most of them start gaining. I think the average slender person eats smaller portions than a person with a weight problem.

But once you Have a weight problem...and have lost a considerable amount of weight...studies have shown that the person who used to have the weight issue requires Less calories to Maintain their weight than a person who never had a weight problem. This was mentioned in the documentary THE WEIGHT OF THE NATION

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1/9/14 4:16 A

I caution you - you can't really go by what other people ate. When I was young I was very active, at times running 9 miles a night. About an hour prior to those runs, I also usually ate 2-3 meat pies - about 600 calories each. During the day it was nothing to knock back a dozen chocolate fish (marshmallow centres) and about 150 calories each. I also ate all my meals (which were very healthy) AND I was also very slim.

Are you using your Nutrition Tracker? If so, that will give you the range of calories to eat, and this link will show you portion sizes:

I hope that this helps you.

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1/9/14 4:13 A

It is not an outragious idea, but for most of us that grew up like you did with not-so-good healthy eating models, just seeing how thin people eat is not going to help us do that, ourselves.

I think most thin people don't really worry about what they eat, but seem to have a natural signal that tells them they have had enough calories to sustain them. They may or may not make healthy food choices. For example, yes I have seen plenty of thin people guzzle sodas with sugar in them, and eat the fried greasy stuff at restaurants.

When I was 18, I was overweight and had a very tall, thin roommate. She told me she "couldn't gain weight." And she told me that she ate a lot of food all the time.

But I watched her eat. She would be "stuffed" after eating 1/2 of a potato, a few veggies and a little piece of meat. I could have eaten four times what she ate before I would have considered myself "stuffed" enough to even comment on feeling stuffed. But knowing how a thin person ate did not help me. I have seen articles and books written, proclaiming we can get back in touch with this natural way of knowing when we have had enough. I don't believe that would ever work for me so I won't bother trying.

I am glad we have nutritional information so that I can figure out how many calories I need and I can plan healthy choices. I love to eat and like to eat a lot so for me, I won't choose greasy fried foods because I know I can have MORE of other food, and still have the same number of calories, allowing me to maintain a healthy weight.

MADZELLIS SparkPoints: (2,084)
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1/9/14 4:09 A

Some people have naturally high metabolisms. For example, one of my ex's would eat a huge fry up every other day, two mcdonalds big macs for lunch and a regular homecooked dinner but never gained any weight.

Other people might eat ultra healthy without even realising it, and some people might always eat smaller portions than they should. I have a friend who was sent to hospital because she was eating healthily, but her metabolism was so high that she was losing weight instead of maintaining. It's all about finding out about your own body. Like, I know for a fact that my metabolism is fairly slow, so I need to eat small, regular meals throughout the day, and if I pig out too much I instantly see weight gain (it's annoying!)

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1/9/14 2:15 A

I keep reading about how you should choose cheese or croutons on your salad but not both, or pizza with a thin crust instead of a thick crust, etc There are so many tricks to cutting calories and losing weight. What I would rather know is what all of the skinny people in the world, who have never had a weight issue have been eating.

If it wouldn't be such a weird request, I would ask my bffs to track what they ate for 3 days or a week for me, just so I could see what and how much they are eating. I clearly didn't grow up with good food/eating models (since both my parent's are obese/morbidly obese), it would be nice to actually see what a normal person eats on a regular basis to maintain a normal weight.

This can't be that outrageous idea right?

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