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NOREENBX Posts: 761
9/18/10 7:21 A

I eat a lot of Indian and Asian foods. Most of the time I cook from scratch. I shop in a few Indian and Asian markets in my neighborhood and then I look up the ingredients to get the nutritional values on the internet. Then I enter those ingredients in my food tracker. I have entered a couple of standard recipes that I use all the time.

I prefer cooking from scratch so that I know exactly what's in my food. It's kind of a pain in the neck initially to enter all the ingredients but once it's done and everything is in your "Favorites" it's a lot easier.

Good Luck.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 41,944
6/1/10 2:42 P

Welcome to SP!

I'm sorry that a lot of your items are not in there, but the majority of the food items come from the USDA database and the rest come from us manually adding them using the information on certain manufacturer's websites. If you don't find something in the tracker, you can always use the link to manually enter a food item so you can have that in your own tracker. Also, you can try using the button to import foods from other members - you may find some items there to be useful.

Sorry I don't have a better answer for you!

Coach Denise

PILLARI Posts: 1
5/30/10 10:44 A

Thanks for introducing such an awesome site to keep a track on our weight. Its really good and i am proud to be a part of it. But the diet chart that u guys provide is more Western We dont get many of those ingredients in normal shops in India. So can u pls give us an alternative chart to suit Indian life style?
regards lavanya

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