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I first encourage this family member to meet with a Certified Diabetes Eductor and find out about his eating plan (counting carbohhdrates). Then when any recipe is being considered, look at the nutritional info for the number of carbohydrates in a serving. Then you can determine how to fit it into the eating plan. But first you need to know how many carbs should be consumed at each meal and snack.

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out side of spark, there are a few great sites and one of them is the ADA site itself for recipes for diabetics another is Diabetic Living magazine have 100s of great diabetic recipes for all levels of diabetes (from those doing low carb to those trying to louse weight and everything in between).

You can actually buy the Diabetic Living magazine in many places I know safeway tends to have the bi monthly issues of it in stock most of the year as does walmart and most magazine places as well. Diabetic Forcase is the ADAs publication and harder to find in general (less you subscribe to it though the ADA site) but again its full of recipes that are great and tasty.

ADA Recipes =

Diabetic Living Magazine Recipes =

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They have an entire diabetes plan. If you fill out your starting info, and input that you are diabetic, they will give you info on it, and a meal plan to follow.

this may help:

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My sister's husband was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Can anyone tell me where I can find great recipes for a diabetic in the Spark Nutrition area? There are so many great recipes, I wondered if there were some that are specific to Diabetes. My sister is a great cook and needs the information. I just thought I'd come in here and see if I could find some. Thanks!!

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