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4/14/13 3:39 P

I agree with everyone here.

Not calling it a diet helps :) You don't have to eat super healthy to be healthy, meaning that you don't have to be on a strict 'eat only this and never of that' (unless you have diabetes or heart trouble and you really can't have certain things). Just focus on eating better when you can and don't beat yourself up if you want to have a little treat. You aren't going to like every food out there. Find some recipes that you want to try; save if you like it, throw out if not. Find some exercises that you like and pretty soon you won't even consider it exercise. Find some hobbies so you can destress and to keep your mind busy. It should become a habit after 21 days and everything will be fine.

I noticed that if I go all out and deprive myself, after about 3 or 4 days I have severe cravings and I fall off the wagon and next thing I know, I'm depressed because I have gotten too lazy to exercise and I have gained everything back, plus some. You can do it! It will get better.

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4/14/13 11:17 A

Perhaps the problem is that you're dieting at all. :)

Why not ditch the diet, and start focus on developing a healthy lifestyle for life?

Stop Dieting and Start Living!

4/13/13 11:30 P

I struggle with this as well. Sometimes I even get headaches. What helped me was drinking some hot tea. I had pineapple chamomile with some added honey today because I felt really cranky. Sometimes when I get food cravings and know that it's not going to help to overeat, something warm and soothing can help a lot to take its place. emoticon

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4/13/13 9:54 A

Hello Buggle3,

Perhaps you may want to shift your thinking from what you are releasing (unhealthy food choices, proportions) to how you are gaining self-mastery. Celebrating progress can lift your mood. Getting out for a walk and taking in the day is one of the best ways I know to lift my mood and banish the crankies!
Find something to make you is good for all sorts of wellness.

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4/13/13 8:18 A

Hi everyone. I could use some words of wisdom here. Whenever I diet, I tend to get cranky, which makes me no fun to be around. Yesterday I was very cranky, and my poor kids kept asking what is wrong. Anyone have any advice on that front?

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